Is Insulin useful in type 2 diabetes

i am diagnose with type 2 diabetes few days ago, i am doing lots of exercise and morning walk. is insulin or any other medicine useful for treating type 2 diabetes.
please help me.

Metformin is usually tried first.

If you go to this page on our website you will find lots of information about
Type 2 which may answer some of the questions you have:

There are three types of drugs that are typically used in treating Type 2. Drugs that stimulate insulin production (glimepiride and the rest), lower insulin resistance (metformin) and insulin.

Diabetes is progressive. The first two types of drugs can only do so much. So, if you need to use insulin, there is nothing else that will do.

Concurrent with these medicines, diet and exercise can do much to make your body more efficient at using insulin. (Exercise lowers your insulin resistance and losing just 10% of excess weight can help immensely).

But you need to know that diet and exercise will not necessarily eliminate your need for drugs or insulin. But even AFTER starting these medicines, diet and exercise are very helpful.