Is it crazy to consider returning to shots?

Have you tried tresiba? Game changer for many people…

I recently was advised to go back to MDI by my endo. I have used a pump for many years, however over the past year or two have had a few pump vacations. I had been struggling with absorption problems and site issues with my pump. So far my MDI experience is going pretty good. It takes a bit longer to dial in the correct doses, but I am happy with the switch. I really think quality of life is important, if you have a better quality of life with MDI do it, if its better on the pump pick that.

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I take pump breaks when I know I’ll be spending lots of time on the beach and in water. I’ve taken forced pump breaks when my pump failed and a replacement was going to be days. I’ve even taken pump breaks when I was just sick of the problem solving and maintenance. My glucose control doesn’t suffer on MDI and it was a good way to refresh “old-school” skills. After a break, when I reconnect the pump, I’m reminded of all the benefits. Breaks can be useful in many ways.

Julia - nice to know there are other’s with site absorption issues.

I’ve only been on pump just over 3 years but in that time used and scarred all available sites on my abdomen. My TDD is usually only around 20 units, and I change sites every 3 or 4 days, but still I feel I’m running out of real estate.

Suggestions anyone? I’m using 6mm steel cannula - would longer cannula solve my problem?

I’ve been pumping for a long time. Several years ago, I faced poor absorption using my abdomen, the only site I used all those years. I experimented with several new-to-me infusion sets and found that I liked the Inset-30 infusion set, an angled set that permitted one-handed deployment. That allowed me to insert on my love handles, around on my back. I used this set-up successfully for several years and gave my abdomen a multi-year complete break.

I’ve since returned to using my abdomen again and have enjoyed dependable absorption.

I suggest that you don’t exceed three days on any particular site. You could experiment with a deeper cannula like 9 mm. You won’t know unless you try it. The best solution, in my opinion, is to try to find some virgin territory and give your stomach an extended rest.

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Thanks @Terry4 - are these the ones with 13mm cannulas? Next order I’ll try a box of these :+1:t3:

Yes. I used them with an Animas Ping pump. I believe they are compatible with other pumps. I now use a Medtronic Silhouette infusion set equivalent to the Inset 30.

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I have returned to shots before.

I am on week 4 of returning to MDI. The past 4 days I have been seriously missing my pump! LOL I have no idea what to do now…initially I was loving the switch, but then Christmas came and activity level changed, and boom I miss how easy it is to make changes to basal needs with my pump. I do love however not wearing my pump.

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@Yu_Shing Actually, I had the same problem. I was on shots and then my a1c was great and once I got onto the pump I completely relied on it and my a1c turned really bad. I’m now back on the shots and my a1c has gotten so much better. If you think the shots will work go for it.

I have never used a pump in 33 years of type one. I do ok on shots and have very good a1cs. I never wanted to deal with having something on me 24/7 and dealing with tubing going through my clothes etc. I like my freedom between shots.