Is it possible to become more frustrated than I already was?

Yes, I do think it is. I didn't think so, but I thought I'd write an update about the ongoing doctor saga that I posted last week. Unfortunately the frustrations still continue.

So against my better judgement I went to the walk in clinic on Saturday to deal with my high blood pressure, where it was a simple dosage adjustment. No big deal and I'm good with that.

But there's still the necessity to get a referral to another endo, which is necessary due to my recent job change and that my current endo's location and restrictive office hours no longer work for me (my endo is the only one who can give me a referral because I don't have a gp at this time.) That's the official reason. The unofficial reason is that I can't seem to get a consult with her and that I don't trust her anymore.

I finally got a callback from the secretary on Tuesday. Now that's a full week since the original call, and after leaving several messages over the course of last week. I kinda gave it to the secretary that I had expected a callback within the timeframe that their voicemail promised (24 hours). But I still needed the referral so I managed to keep a lid on it (perhaps the tone was a little icy though!). Anyway, she promised that the doctor would call that day.

Well, as promised, the endo called my work and left a message... after 5 - after I had already left. So back to leaving messages on their voicemail. I left a message again for the secretary on Wednesday morning, and in the message suggested that instead of the endo trying to call me at work that she should speak to my husband instead. And yes, the endo called me again at work, and left another message. I don't know if they think that I'm sitting at my desk just waiting for her to call? Now this morning I left another message and told them again to speak to my husband because voicemail just was not working for anyone. And yes, the endo left another voice mail for me at work. *arrrrhhhh!!!*

AND now there's a new wrinkle to this. My husband, who has Type 2 (and has the same endo), has just filled his prescription for metformin. It's been quite a while since he was on it, but the weight gain with Actos was too problematic. Last night we noticed that the prescription filled was for TWICE the dosage he was on before. He had excellent A1Cs with the previous dose. He called the endo and left ... guess what ... a voicemail for the secretary, and mentioned that he had a question regarding his own treatment as well. No callback.

And if you all recall from my previous post, our endo doesn't normally work Fridays. I am so frustrated and disappointed. Not only has our endo shown she seems to be challenged by a reasonable work ethic, it now appears that she's making careless mistakes. I can't bear the thought of what if it was something we didn't know much about... what other kind of mistakes can she do.

Unfortunately I still have to play nice in the sandbox. I need a referral from her.

Sorry for being a little discombobulated, but I've just had it up to my eyeballs with all of this. Once again, thanks for listening.

You might trying calling your insurance company and explaining this to them, they may be able to do something to help you out

Jamie, does it have to be an Endo? Can you get a decent Internal Medicine or PCP until you can find someone else?

I feel your frustrations, there aren’t any Board Certified Endos within 2 hours of me and I’m struggling with just finding anyone here that has a clue. After my appt next week with my current doctor I will be looking for another, that will be my 4th in 2 years.

Right now an endo is all I have that could. I live in a part of Ontario where there is a “critical” doctor shortage, for both general practitioners and endos. You cannot get a referral from a walk in clinics (signs to that effect are posted all over the offices). Waiting lists for general practitioners are 7+ months, and you get assigned to a random physician. Not one of your choosing.

Now that I travel downtown for my new job, I’m now close to the “important” big city hospitals, I hope to find one with a lesser list. Shortages are just “severe” in this area, and who knows, I could find one, right? One that has a clue, would be even better! Only general practitioners and endos and other specialists that I might have could refer me, but I don’t have any other specialists on my roster to ask (bright side of that is at least I’m healthy enough otherwise, I guess!). Just keeping on thinking those healthy thoughts!

Because I’ve just got a new job, I have no insurance other than the provincial health plan which doesn’t deal with such matters, and the governing doctor’s organization which would only deal with the actual ethics (and even then, that would take months or even years to investigate, as the wheels grind ever so slowly). And even if I did have insurance, it operates very differently here than in the states - they deal more in paying for prescriptions and special devices, and don’t deal at all with doctors management as it is not in their mandate.

As far as I can see, there are no governing organizations that will deal with this kind of thing, and so many others are in even more dire circumstances - people waiting months for cancer treatments or to even find out whether they have cancer or not, and perhaps having to wait too long. In the news recently they reported that pain management programs were just being cancelled due to lack of funding. No other options. Just gone. So perhaps I have to just forge on?

Well, I am still frustrated with the system I have been ‘blessed’ with (all the good, bad and ugly about it), but very grateful for any and all suggestions. Regardless of whether they would work or not. Who knows what might help, after all!