I am Frustrated


heh heh...I went to the endo yesterday. I was truly disappointed. My a1c was......7.1

I am mad...furious at myself...3 months ago i was a 5.7...the best I have ever been in my life! and I gained 3 pounds. i got in the car and I cried. My husband was like miranda it's ok..you are a work in progress look how far you have come, but still, I feel like I worked so hard. Richard reminded me that I have been sick alot and under alot of stress, but still that 5.7 was my TROPHY! I framed the piece of paper that had it on it. Oh well, I am gonna work much much much harder. i will get my a1c better nect time. And this puzzles me. my endo didn't check my urine for protein and creatine. My regular dr alsways did that. My regular dr, he saved my life. i had been seeing a dr and wanted to go on a insulin pump and he didnt want me to do it. So when I talked to minimed they referred me to an educator and her husband is a dr. she is also a t1 and pump user. My health has improved so much since I have been going to them. But when i had my little girl i was having issues with some of my medications so he had me see and endo but he told me when i got this straighted out...he would take over the diabetes aspect again. I still see him for illness and such but the endo handles my insulin.

I feel like he should have checked me for the protein and other stuff. Maybe i am just paranoid? maybe I can write some more later


Hello Miranda,
Tell me did you have your A1c at 5.7 when you were on the pump or on shots?
I have a similar concern here because my A1c’s on two shots a day range from low 6’s to mid 7’s. I’ve in the past have met with Endo’s but never liked them so I stayed with my regular doctor but just a few weeks back I decided to go ahead and get a pump so now I’m scheduled to meet an Endo come next week and hopefully get on my pump that I have at home waiting for me its friend. : )


Hi Ricardo! I was on the pump with my a1c being a 5.7…usually mine stay below 6.5 with the pump…when I was taking shots i was anywhere from an 8 or higher so i can truly say I am pleased with the results from my pump. sometimes I do get frustrated with my endo because he is strictly “textbook” things happen because of this this and that…its like well you must be eating sweets or not watching what you eat. 95% of the time when my bloodsugar runs high it’s because i am stressed or sick. And sometimes I just don’t bolus right and it shoots up…for instance now…i just ate rotel and chips,i know bad miranda> and it’s up to 298. i would suggest finding an endo that meets YOUR needs and understands YOU. are you going to agree on everything? probably not, but you need a dr that understands how to adjust your basal rates and can explain this to you and if you have any questions you can call them day or night. I am very lucky to have that with my regular dr. not many patients have a cell office and home # to contact their dr at any time. I hope tis helped you a little bit. I wish you the very best with your pump and your new endo! what i like the best about being on the pump is the freedom of not having to tote around syringes and insulin and the on the off chance i do get to sleep late, i don’t have to worry bout a high blood sugar because my pump takes care of that. if you have anymore questions that I could help with, just let me know. have a good day!!


rotel and chips, nice! “bad miranda” :slight_smile:
Yeah I don’t really like that type of doc’s that are textbook hopefully my endo is not toooo much into the textbook guide. I would not want her to tell me that my sugar is currently high because I had something to eat when in fact its because she’s making MAD! hehe!
I can’t wait to get my pump setup and going. I want to be able to sleep in and not worry about things but then again I might not even get a chance to sleep in with a 9month old boy and 4 year girl.