Is It Possible to Recover From Type 2 Diabetes?

I went to the Dr. today and discussed with him my particular brand of Diabetes. He has done the Lab work and determined that I am indeed a full fledged Type 2 Diabetic. He gave me even more explanations about the difference between T1, LADA 1.5, and T2. I have always heard since my diagnosis that a T2 Diabetic could recover completely with diet, and exercise, however; my Dr. informed me today that my pancreas no longer produces insulin–period. He said for all intents and purposes my minimed paradigm 722 is my pancreas. He said my pancreas will never produce insulin again, but not to worry because as long as I follow the rules and take good care of my pump I will live a long happy life. He said the only other recourse other than the pump is a pancreas transplant which is being done today, but its not being done very often yet. I would like more information on this if any of you have had this same experience.

My understanding is that at a certain point, a T2’s pancreas can “burn out” - in other words, prolonged overproduction of insulin kills off the beta cells to the point that a T2 can become fully insulin dependent, even though there is no autoimmune process at work killing the cells off.

Since I’m T1/LADA/something in that range, I don’t really have more information than that.

Regarding pancreas transplants, there are those here who have had them, and who would be better able to answer questions on that, but you’re trading your pump for a lifetime of immunosuppresants. I believe that pancreas transplants are used primarily for brittle diabetics - those whose body chemistry is such that they have great difficulty controlling sugar levels with insulin and get frequent severe highs and lows. I may be wrong on that, however.

Technically the person with type 2 can manage their condition with diet and exercise, but it’s not a cure per se.

There are instances of people with morbid obesity who qualify for gastric bypass surgery. This procedure has shown complete remission of type 2 diabetes in the persons that undergo it, however it is not for everyone.

In your case, you mention that your doc said you were a full fledged type 2, yet you said that your pancreas no longer produces insulin… that would make you a type 1 (or LADA).

Hey Manny,
I asked him that very question, and he said no, you don’t change diseases, Type 1 and Type 2 are totally different diseases. But he explained it somehow that it had to do with how Dr’s treat patients with diabetes. I had a hard time following his line of reasoning. I told him I had always heard that once a Type 2 has to start using insulin that it no longer Type 2, but he said that’s not true. Keep in mind now, this Dr. is not an Endocrinologist. He is an Internal Medicine Dr. with a Diabetes Educator working through his office. The closest Endocrinologist is in Savannah which is about an hour away. Anyway, I like this Dr., and he seems to be knowledgeable enough, but I’m not sure he’s up on Diabetes like an Endocrinologist is. Anyway, I wonder if I need to see an Endo in Savannah, and just see what his or her diagnosis would be.