Is it strange...?

Hi all! I'm Megan, 32 years old, Type 1 diabetic for 29 years. My husband and I decided last year we would like to have a family, so I told my endo in December 2011. She said she'd like to see tighter control (I had one or two highs per week at that point) before I started trying to conceive. My A1C at that point was 7.1. but I was told that the longer you have diabetes, the more difficult it is to be under a 7%. I then saw my OB and she asked about my diabetes, I told her what has been going on and she said, Have fun trying! And gave us 6 months to get pregnant. I saw my endo again yesterday (don't have the results of the AlC yet) but she said, Have fun trying!

Is it weird that no one has recommended a high-risk OB, pre-conception counseling, or a nutritionist? I feel that every time I hear about a pregnant diabetic or someone trying, they are going to some doctor nearly every week. I asked my endo yesterday if I should see any of these people, and she said she was comfortable with how things are going for me. I obviously want a healthy baby, healthy pregnancy, and best health possible after delivery. Should I be making appointments on my own?

Thanks for your reply! I too would love someone to talk to about this, because I am feeling very alone.
I am seeing a Fertility doc in 2 weeks, so I will ask him my questions and hopefully get referrals.