I have had diabetes for 30 years as of May. I remember the days of doctors telling me that i could never have children because i was diagnosed so young. I was diagnosed at 18 months old. My Endocrinologist says that i defiantly can consider pregnancy now. I am relucatant because how the doctors opinnions have changed. I wanted to know if anyone else has had diabetes at such a young age and if the risks are greater. I get mixed messages from educators and doctors. Need some advice. Trying to figure out as much as possible for when the time comes.

I was diagnosed when I was 6 and now I am 30 yrs. old. My endo doctor recommends that my a1c is 7.2 or lower before I get pregnant. I am trying right now. She also recommended that I don’t get pregnant after 35 years old due to being diabetic, just because it is hard on the body. I think if your healthy and your a1c is good, there is no reason not to try to have children.

I keep hearing different numbers to get my A1c to my doctor when i discussed it said 6.0 before i could try. Im not to far off but i am waiting about a year from now. Just trying to figure out all that i need to do to have a healthy pregnancy when the time comes.

I’d say it’s more about control of your diabetes then legnth of having diabetes. The better your overall control is, the better chances for a healthy pregnancy, regardless if you’ve had diabetes 6 months or 20 years. I think we’ve long past the days of Julia Roberts and Steel Magnolias. Have a great high risk OBGYN and Endocrinologist and you will be fine.Good luck! :slight_smile:

A friend of mine was diagnosed at age 3 and had two boys in her 30s. The boys are now elementary-aged now and all went well.

I’m 38, dx at 11 and have heard many of the same things over the years. I went to a perinatologist about 6 years ago and he put the fear of god in me. I went to a kidney doctor last year because my kidneys are bad due to such poor control through a great deal of my diabetes years. He actually told me that it was possible and my kidneys may be fine too. That was my big scare was my kidneys. Anyway, I’m 9 weeks 5 days pregnant, scared but wanted a child badly for my husband and I. My doctors are seeing me weekly for now and act like this is very possible. I think you should do it but that is me! Life is worth living, it probably won’t kill you and you’ll probably get a beautiful baby out of the deal! Go check out Keri Sparlings blog and read her story. She gave me hope and she will you too! Good luck with whatever decision you make!

I have decided that i will try to get pregnate once i finish with school. I am in the process now of just working on getting my A1c’s low as i can. I have always wanted to be a mom. Good luck with your pregnancy.

Hi Tarra,

I was diagnosed at 23 months, and turned 31 in July. We just gave birth to a gorgeous and healthy baby girl on 10/14. I remember “those doctors” saying no kids, no this, no that…and that many years ago, perhaps that’s how they would have recommended. But now? I have a pump, and a CGM, and a loving husband who “gets” diabetes, and a great endo team, and excellent support from other mommies and mommies-hoping-to-be here. They didn’t hesitate to tell me “great!” when I said I wanted to get pregnant. Like others, I was given guidelines for my A1c, and I hit them (less than 7% was what my endo told me). I had a super smooth pregnancy, diabetes-wise, and the babe is totally awesome and with no signs of issues related to my diabetes.

I even met with two perinatologists (high risk OBs) for “preconception” visits; they looked at my history, my BG control, other risk factors, and they weighed in on my particular risks and what they expected would be the course of my pregnancy. At the end of those visits, neither thought I was “interesting” enough to need to be followed by high risk, so my regular OB managed the whole pregnancy (with endocrine doing the diabetes stuff, and a high risk consult on “standby” as needed).

It’s totally do-able. and it’s hard work. and it’s worth it. and if you want to, you can certainly do it (with all the right support). HTH, and good luck! Let us know if/how we can help!

Nice knowing someone who has had it almost as long as i have and had a healthy baby. I am happy that i am going to go forward with it. I am currently working on getting my a1c as low as possible for at least a year before i even think about conception. I have a decent a1c of 6.8 right now which is great but working on getting it down in the hope it will be easier when i need to get down to a 6.0. I was told a while ago thats where i need to be when i am going to try and conceive. Its nice to know that i won’t necessarily have to go with a high risk OB. I know its going to be so much work but im sure its worth it in the end. Thanks for the advice and support.