Is it true that wrong choice of meter makes your G4 less accurate?

I just read a post over at D´Mine on this topic.

Here´s some of it:
"More alarmingly, I noticed in two of my patients who switched to the Next thing, that the accuracy of their CGMs tanked. I mean it got really, really bad. I have no explanation, but I know it’s a real thing because we did a little science experiment. One of my type 1s was so excited to try out the Next that she started using it before she used up her old strips. When I noticed how badly her CGM accuracy degraded, I persuaded her to go back to the OneTouch meter for two weeks and lo and behold, the CGM settled down again. We then did a second round of Next strip use, and things went to pot again. For “perfect” science we once again went back to the OneTouch and the CGM settled down yet again, definitely indicating that the Next strips/meter were somehow the cause of the trouble.

It was a small study, but it was good science"

I exeperienced some of the same some time ago and posted a discussion here.

My question is what meter do you use with your Dexcom G4 when you get your most accurate results?

We use the One Touch Ultra and the accuracy of the Dexcom has been amazing. Over the past 4 months, we haven't had ANY readings that weren't within 30 ml/dl of each other. Most the time the readings are within 5 ml/dl of each other. I would say if our meter aver is 150, the Dexcom's average is around 140-160. In other words, our accuracy has been impressive!

Thank you, TracyUNCC. 5 ml/dl is really nothing at all.

I use the ping pump emote meter. I find it’s decently accurate, but can be off as much as 80 mg/dL. This usually occurs when I’ve gone high and it seems like the Dexcom response just can’t keep up.

Remote, not emote.

I've had the opposite experience: Contour Next Link being much better than the One Touch Ultra 2 with my G4.

I started with my G4 while I was using the One Touch Ultra 2 and then starting noticing that my G4 was more accurate than my glucometer:

It turns out that my One Touch Ultra 2 was just no longer working properly, so I used my wife's old One Touch Ultra 2 (from when she had Gestational Diabetes) but eventually the same thing started happening!

Luckily, that was right around when I started on a Minimed pump, which is the only way my insurance will cover the Contour Next Link strips. Since then I've found my G4 to be amazingly precise.

I'm on week 3 with my G4 and this morning I woke up with a 122 according to my Contour Next Link glucometer, the G4 said 122 as well :-) (and when I entered my BG, the G4 adjusted to 121)

First of all Will’s is talking about Medtronic cgms and the Contour meter so I don’t think you can necessarily make the conclusion that calibration rules for Medtronic will apply for Dexcom. Medtronic has different conditions and requirements for calibrations than Dexcom.

I have had very good results from my Contour Next meter with my Dexcom Gen 4. I was however getting a lot of erratic results from my Contour and ended up replacing it with the Next. I also previously have had consistent results from Accuchek and One Touch. My insurance currently only covers Bayer strips though.