My daughter and sister both get their blood tested. My daughter occasionally but my sister has T1D, although she has a CGM we are looking to get a new back up glucometer. The one my daughter is seems to read high all the time so we are looking for a new one for her too. They both us the One Touch Verio, I have done some research on the Contour NExt one and it looks super promising. Anyone use this one? What are your thoughts? How accurate is it? Does it commonly report on the higher side or lower side? Thanks

Contour Next One is the most accurate on the market. I used several of the One Touch over the past decades and never as accurate. Dexcom CGM gets calibrated to Contour Next One for G5 Medicare CGM users which I am at this point


The Contour Next line of meters are the most accurate on the market. I was given a verio a few years ago, I didn’t want it but decided to test it against my contour and G6. The results from the verio were disappointing at best.


Trying to monitor my daughters lows were very difficult with the Verio, I was getting numbers in the 80’s when she was clearly much lower. My sister needs accuracy as much as possible to avoid lows. Unfortunately I don’t trust everything I read on the internet haha, so I wanted some first hand experiences with the newer device. Thanks for responding

Contour Next and check it with control solution occasionally

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The next advertises that it does not need control solution, is that accurate? How often should I be checking with the solution ?

@Mommy_of_2 I used the One Touch Verio for 5 years and recently switched to the Contour Next One.

I compared results and the Contour Next is far more accurate (did a meter check with lab blood work).

Price of strips is identical here in :canada: (Works out to $0.80 per strip).

In addition the Contour allows automatic tracking of results with the free smartphone app :+1:t3:


Do you have a link to that - I think maybe you are talking about the number on the side of of some strip containers - like you have to tell the meter - they sell control solution so I doubt they are going to make it go away

Test as many times as it makes you fell confident - every few months at least

Out of curiosity, how do you know the meter is reading high? Are you comparing it to another meter or testing at the doctor’s? If you are testing her occasionally how do you know the result is off?

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Because the number were significantly different when i started using the new machine. I can not be 100% certain that it was reading high but after researching the machine i was using the accuracy was only 92% and +/- 20% difference. This new machine is accurate 99.3% with a +/- 8.4 difference. So I’m going with a guy instinct honestly

If insurance is buying the test strips, I would recommend your backup glucometer be the same as your primary glucometer so it can use the strips you already have (and likely your insurance has a preferred brand of test strips). I’ve always had at least 2 and often 3 of the same model meter.

If you do not have insurance to help with test strips, I would recommend a store-brand glucometer. e.g. Walmart Reli-On, Walgreens True Metrix, CVS store brand. This is entirely driven by cheap meter and cheap strips, not at all driven by accuracy or fancy-pants meter features.

One Touch meters have been shown to read higher than actual for people with chronic anemia (that’s me, I learned it at an Endo CME and got copies of the reports - reports are from the AACE and Diabetes Tech Society). I was doing 10-15 fingersticks a day, and sing that data for dosing! I was correcting highs I wasn’t really experiencing and not handling lows and pending lows because the confirmation fingerstick said I was in range (70120) or high. I did my own comparison study, have a spreadsheet with 3 columns: One Touch, Contour Next and the CGM. The Cgm and Contour next were within 5 points of each other, and the One touch as much as 60-100 points higher. I was having frequent crazy lows and of course scolded for not checking bg.
Downloading the meter didn’t help prove that I was doing my job - just getting crap for data. Health plan won’t cover the Contour, so I dose solely off my Dexcom, and pay out of pocket for the Contour for those few times I need to have a meter.

When I asked about the Contour, the healthplan Endo said he was aware of the problem (I wanted to be rude and ask why he didn’t tell me about the issue - he has my medical history)_ Anyway, the healthlpan will only cover one other meter from the usual One Touch. And that is a One Touch talking meter!

I’m wondering if this isn’t our problem… my daughter was getting crazy readings that have all of sudden stopped when we switched meters. She recently had blood in March which was normal but im wondering if thyroid could throw off the read as well. Hopefully her doctor will listen to my concerns today and not blow me off, seems to be what keeps happening

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How did things go with the doctor?

Very good actually, she agreed with me that there was definitely a problem that the endocrinologist did not want to deal with. She has sent us to Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital for a second opinion, we have our appointment there on Oct 22nd. Thank you for checking up on her :slight_smile: