Is Keto Bad For Your Heart — Dr. Eric Thorn

Cardiologist Dr. Eric Thorn unpacks the effects of Keto on your health and heart.

Well worth watching for anyone concerned about the long term impact of high blood sugars and diabetes on their health, and especially their hearts.

Dispels the age old rumour that saturated fats in your diet contribute to coronary heart disease.


I like this doctor’s statement that the burden of proof that a low carb diet causes harm is on the person or organization who offers that criticism, not the person who follows a low carb diet.

The other thing that caught my attention is that the low carb way of eating recommends more vegetables than the government’s model for “healthy eating.”

The idea that fat in the diet causes vascular plaque has been shown time and again to be false. The so-called diet-heart hypothesis just seems to hang on, even though it’s unsupported by any evidence. I know highly educated health professionals who hold this belief. I don’t understand!


And the arguments rage on and on, infinitum. Science “fact” is a moving target over time, and it depends on who you listen to. I keep a large stock of salt on hand.

And I’m not just referring to the above article but facts in general. I recently started reading up on ionized water’s health benefits. So much discussion out there and the end result is I know less about it after reading a variety of info on it than when I started. Some say it’s great, others say it’s useless. Pick your poison.

Thanks for posting. I thought that was a pretty good presentation.

We know elevated blood sugar impacts vascular health. It would then make sense reducing these levels would be a positive. The problem I have always had with strict keto diets is too many people end up with kidney stones even when you tell them to keep drinking the water.

IM0, get the libre, see what foods are causing significant spikes and eliminate or reduce those foods. I call it a modified keto diet and then add the afrezza at meal time as needed to blunt the BG spike and get back to baseline asap.

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So doc…essentially, you are asking if the Atkins Diet is bad for your health. I believe over the long term…,indeed it is. The body still requires some carbs, although, perhaps some better carbs, or natural carbs that are found in fruits, vegetables.

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