Is my body rejecting Omnipod cannulas?

Hey all. It’s been a while since I posted something in here and this site looks very strange to me now!

I’ve been using Omnipod for almost 3 years now. It was my first pump and I’ve been T1 for over 15 years.
I have LOVED using the Omnipod and even some of the issues I’ve run into have been sorted out quickly. The annoyances are still there, of course, but I feel like that is to be expected with any diabetes technology.

The problem that I’ve been running into recently is that I’ve been getting a lot more irritations at my sites when I change my pod. Yes, I do all the standard cleaning and use the recommended sites. I first ran into this problem after about a year on the Omnipod. I had a site on my stomach that got inflamed and infected and left a huge hole. It took quite a while to heal, and now I cannot use my stomach in that area. So, okay, about 25% of my stomach area is out of commission.

Then a few months ago, the same thing happened on my right thigh. It’s still healing, so that site is out of commission. I will probably be able to use the area around it again eventually, but that site happened to be a PRIME spot and now it’s out of order.

Okay, well I still have the backs of my arms, 75% of my stomach, and the other thigh. Right? Wrong.

A few weeks ago THE SAME THING happened on the back of my left arm. So now it’s out of commission.

Yesterday I had to change the pod that was on my left thigh because it just randomly started hurting. It felt like the cannula was poking me, moving around in there. Today it is still sore and I’m terrified that its going to develop into an infection just like the other two. Hopefully I got the antibiotic cream on it in time.

I’ve had my doctor look at these spots and she says there’s nothing more I can do to prevent them. Another nurse said that it seemed like the cannula was getting into a capillary bed and causing it to be inflamed.
But I’m extremely frustrated and I feel like its me and the Omnipods that aren’t getting along anymore. These spots have worked just fine for AGES and now suddenly they start having problems. I have limited pod placement real estate now. I’m very worried about scar tissue. My A1c has been creeping up (6.4 from 6.0 earlier this year).

I do also use the Dexcom G4 and love it as well.

So what do you guys think? Am I going to have to switch to a tubed pump? I hear they have more options for cannulas and stuff {sorry, don’t know all the right phrasing for that}. I really really really really really don’t want to go back on MDI, although it might be my only option with finances the way they are.

I had the same happen to me. The solution was using Skin-Prep and Uni-Solve.

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I’ve only had one of two turn into infections (medtronic pump) but mine seem like they are site irritations just on an allergic level, and then the raw, chafed skin GETS infected because, hey, diabetes, ya know?
I’ve used benedryl creme on the site beforehand and I know others use measures like above and even one woman I follow sprays the area with an albuterol steroid inhaler before applying the adhesive to her skin.

How often are you changing out Pods? The longer you use a site, the more you risk developing lipoatrophy and/or lipodystrophy. Changing every two days is ideal, and no longer than 3 days is a must.

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I do use Skin Prep. Not sure what Unisolve is.

I change them every 2-3 days, max.

When I was using Omnipod, even three days was too much. I had to change sites every 2-2.5 days even if it felt comfortable at the time, or I’d be in trouble. My doctor wrote the script for changing Pods every other day. Not sure why, but with the tubed pump and straight sets I can frequently get away with the full 3 days, though my experience with the Pod makes me tend to be more cautious and change more frequently than that.

Uni-Solve dissolves the adhesive and makes for a gentle pod removal. My theory is that my skin irritation was caused by the damage done during pod removal. This all happened 5 years ago. My skin is irritation-free since then.

It’s been 6 months now and although I haven’t had any more infected sites {mostly, I believe, because I get the antibiotic cream on them as soon as I take the pod off}, I feel like my sites are developing more scar tissue and having absorption issues. Has anyone also had these issues and changed from Omnipod to a tubed pump and had the problem go away? I love my tubeless pump, but feel like my real estate sites are getting more & more limited. Help!

OK, sorry I know this thread is super old, but what KCCO was describing back in May of 2016 is exactly what has been happening to me lately after 4 years of happy podding. I am just flat out running out of real estate for placing the pod that seem work consistently from an absorption standpoint, and my A1C has suffered as a result (up to 7.2).

Since I am about to go out of warranty and will be eligible for a new pump, I too am thinking I need to go to a tubed pump just to have more options for infusion sites.

Did you switch to a tubed pump, and did that help you at all? I am not real excited about making the switch.

I’ve been taking a pump break for a while now!
First I just used my omnipod for bolusing and Tresiba at night for basals.
Took a bit of adjusting but I really love the Tresiba. Lately, I’ve been
doing mdi with the U-200 humulog pens. That concentration seems to absorb
better for me, through mdi at least.
My doctor actually wanted to guide me in an experiment to suck the U-200
out of the pens and use it in the pods. O.o
We talked about starting that at my next appt on Jan 10, but we might not

Several times I have considered changing to a t-slim but I just don’t think
I’d like that tube on me all day. Plus I have a tons of pods right now
since I just got refilled before I decided to take a full pump break -of
course. So it would be a large financial decision as well, and not one I
really want to take if I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t like a tubed pump.
Honestly, the thing I like best about the t-slim is the UI and dexcom
integration. BUT i’ve been keeping up with this extra piece of equipment
just fine so far.

Bottom line - you are not crazy! I couldn’t find any info back then about
people having similar problems with their pods/cannulas. Another thing I
did was start eating quite low carb / keto (smaller doses of insulin gives
them a chance to be absorbed better). Gosh darn him, but Dr. Bernstein was
right all along!

Just gotta be careful to get your numbers correct for everything on the PDM so you don’t accidentally double-dose…

The Tslim X2 is what appeals to me (other than the tube). I am tossing around what to do, as I actually really like the Omnipod beyond just the tubeless part. I know they have a new pdm in the works that will integrate the dexcom data as well, but I’d still have the absorption problem.

I actually started to take a little pump holiday myself last week, but after going pumpless for the first time in a few years for several hours and watching my bgl creep up towards the 300 mark, I took a closer look at the lantus pen I had pulled out of the refrigerator and realized it had expired in May of '16 (the same month this thread was last active!). My “holiday” only lasted about 3 hours before I had to activate a new pod.

It is a really excruciating decision choosing a new pump. I plan on taking my time. I also plan on timing it so that I have just ordered a new batch of pods so that I will have the option to go back and use them for water sports over the summer months.

Yep, she warned me and that’s why she was going to guide me through it.
Although I purposefully double dosed last night and it didn’t do SQUAT.
I just started on metformin too, like, four days ago now so I’m still
working up to optimal dosing.