Please Help/Advice

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty new to the omnipod, about a month. My first few weeks were AMAZING, I felt better than I had in years. But now I’m constantly having problems with the cannula. Every time I pull it out its kinked, and my blood sugars definitely reflect that.

I was wondering if anyone else has a similar issue and how did you fix it? I would really be so grateful for any help I could get. I’ve missed so much school that I am totally failing and I’m terrified of not doing well, but I’ve been so sick I haven’t been able to go. Thanks guys!!

What site are you using? Do you have enough fat in that area for a smooth insertion? Are you having pain at insertion? It really sounds like an issue with your insertion site.

I’ve never had a cannula issue, except for losing a pod playing basketball, so I don’t know what to tell you. I’d try calling the support line, and maybe sending one back for them to look at. There’s definitely something wrong. Could the cannula be pulling out during exercise?

Hey there
I’ve experienced this when I’ve had the pod on a site that I kept hitting. For example, I like to wear it low on my belly but it also hits the kitchen sink when I do dishes. Another instance, when I’ve worn it on my upper bottom, I’ve slept on it too much and it has kinked. When I notice my sugars going up I check that and usually change the pod to a new location. That’s annoying and expensive but I’d rather see the good sugars. Also, get a heavy duty adhesive wipe. Even if the pod is a little bit loose it can kink. Good luck and feel better!

You know what, yes, I’ve experienced the whole box thing. Well, maybe 1 or 2 were good. I was on the phone all the time with Insulet when that was going on. Frustrating doesn’t even cover that week! I am using a wipe called “skin tac” right now. I am running a lot these days and this helps keep it on my skin better than the IV preps.
I get these from my medical supply place but I bet your local pharmacy has something like it. I’m not sure if I’m suppose to be using an adhesive remover but I haven’t yet. Probably a good idea now that I think about it! Good luck-let us know how you’re doing!!

Hi Heather. Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Are you pinching up skin before the cannula goes in? (Before the pod starts making that clicking noise that makes you tense up.) When you remove the pod, are you pulling the cannula out at the same angle that it went in? If so, the only thing I can recommend is trying alternate sites to see what works for you.

Are you supposed to pinch the site as it’s inserting? I’ve never done this or heard of it for the Pod.

Hi Heather

Most every time I have inserted a cannula, OmniPod or not, if the pain didn’t go away within 30 seconds or so I knew I had a bad site. Either the cannula was inserted incorrectly or it was in a bad spot in the subcutaneous tissue. And if I lightly tapped on top of the Pod, or site with tubing, and there was any amount of pain, I knew something was wrong and I replace it. I have experienced the adhesive issue but only after bumping up against something. I am using the IV preps once again for the hot summer months but am curious about the skin tac.

I hope you figure out and correct your issue.