Is the Dexcom only for Type 1's or those using insulin?

I’m looking to keep tighter control of my BG levels and the my Endocrine suggested this although I’m not on insulin and I’m type 2. I test about 8 times a day. I want to know all my trends etc. and she said this would be a good device to have tighter control. Are there any Type 2’s using this that are not on insulin, pumps etc.?

Sorry, I’m Type 1, and on an insulin pump, BUT, I do think it’s a great tool for Type 2’s also! It will keep you in tighter control definitely, and hopefully keep you off insulin! When I wear my Dex, I do tend to keep tighter control, but I don’t wear it enough because when I do, I become a number nazi, checking it way too much!

I absolutely agree with Joyce, as when i am on the Dex (also a T1) I am a “number “nazi”” (never heard that one before…good analogy Joyce!!!) My control also gets better when i am on a CGM, Dex is just one of a few available out there these days, you might want to ask your Edo about the others as well, Donna. Good luck and PEACE.

Joyce that’s exactly what I want to do is stay off insulin as long as I can. For awhile I thought I might need it but my doctor assured me yesterday that I’m no where near that phase yet. I’m not quite a number nazi yet but I do like to keep very tight control.

I agree with Joyce and Steve that it would likely give you better control. The only thing I’ll add is that for Type 1 (like me) and 2 people managing diabetes with exercise is critical (as well as food of course). For me the Dexcom gives great information and feedback on the different sports and workouts I do so that I can achieve even tighter control. For example, a good run will quickly lower my BG, but unless its a really long run there is not as much lasting effect. In contrast, when I swim (say 3k meters) I don’t have as much issue with short-term BG but I get a nice long effect all day long where my insulin needs are lower throughout the day. Just an example where if you had more real time trend data that you can manage to tighter controls. just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

I would encourage you to use a Dexcom. It was the best thing I did for myself. I’m a T1 and I found it very helpful even while on MDI (I pump now). But I would imagine that you would derive just as much benefit from it. Sometimes the accuracy is not what it should be, but it is very helpful in watching trends and seeing how particular foods affect your BG. Now that I have it, I can’t imagine going for any length of time without it. The Dexcom is Type blind.

The biggest challenge will be getting my insurance to pay for it. I spoke to a rep and he said that most insurance company’s only pay for Type 1’s to have it but if I have at least one low a week in a 45 day period they would probably pay for it. I will see if they pay for it but I’m willing to buy this out of pocket to maintain good control.

I was just going to say it may be a hurdle to get insurance to pay for it. Some of them won’t cover it for Type 1’s. It is a wonderful tool.

Donna, I’m a Type II and use a Dexcom. I do use a pump, but before the pump, I was on MDI and my blood sugar was up and down. I was told that most insurance companies don’t pay for Type II’s, but the company I ordered mine from said that wasn’t necessarily true. The lows help, fluctuating bg helps as well. How your doctor describes the medical necessity for it helps. I do get frustrated that the readings are closer to my actual bg, but do appreciate being able to see what specific foods do to my bg. Good luck.


I am type 2 and use the Dex. The best thing that ever happened to me.

I never called my insurance. I called Dexcom sales people.

They took care of everything. Getting my doctor to write the necessary letter, Contacting my insurance. etc.,

Just call Dexcom. They would know best how to approach your insurance.

Remember, there is a monthly cost for the sensors. Call around for the cash prices. Dex has the DME numbers.