? Is there anything you can do about this

Is there anything you can do about ??? other than to restart the sensor?

There may be an answer to this question already on the site but so far I couldnt find it. I got the three ? this morning so I did a restart on the sensor but this evening I am getting it again. It may just be that once you get ??? the sensor is dead but I thought I would ask the question before I jump to that conclusion.

??? means that it’s not making sense of the readings it’s getting. I don’t get them often but it’s usually when I enter a calibration that’s way off from the number it thought I was at. The official story is that it should go away in about a half hour. If it sticks around for 2 hours you’re supposed to start entering calibrations every 15 minutes for up to three times (or 45 minutes). After that they usually have you replace the sensor. I generally start calibrating after about a half hour and call them after an hour or so. If you’ve had the sensor in for longer than 7 days I’d say just replace it. Otherwise it can and often does start working again so give it a chance. Definitely call Dex if it does it more than once.

We always call Dexcom - however, beware we tried 9 sensors before we conveinced descom it was the receiver. They suggest you wait three hours befor changing or restarting. Dexcom also says it will eventually fix itself but three hours is the suggested wait time then change the sensor. Good luck - my husband wears the dexcom however, we both love the dexcom.

take care