Is this discrimination?

I’ve been reading these forums for awhile but haven’t posted often, maybe once.
My DH and I are both Type 1, my husband is 70. We both use pumps. He also has vascular dementia and was going to a day program twice a week and when he started this program in July, I explained his pump and treatment for hypoglycemia to the nurse and everything was fine. DH is no longer reliable at blousing for carbs and the nurse was doing that for him. Up until three days ago, I wasn’t aware of any problems I got a phone call from the nurse oat that time telling me that DH could no longer attend because they “not equipped to handle insulin dependent diabetics”.
She informed that his BG drops when he’s there but seemed to think 100 was too low for him even when I reminded her that that is a normal BG.
I was so shocked that I couldn’t say much at the time, but have been thinking about it this weekend.
This program is a private non-profit but is partially funded by the state Office on Aging as well as county millage.
There is only one RN there, the rest of the staff is non medical.
I suspect the issue is their new director thinks DH is a liability, and she’s afraid of the pump, even though he’s had no problems to my knowledge.
In the past I offered to go in and explain the pump to the staff and set up a time, but when I went to do this, the nurse took the educational material I brought but told me she was too busy.

So, is this discrimination? Should I contact an attorney?

Let me add that we live in rural Michigan. This program was a godsend because I have no help caring for DH and it gave me 12 hours a week to take care of my own health and recharge.

TIA for any advice.

Call the American Diabetes Association (ADA) at 1-800-DIABETES (342-2383) “and talk to someone who can discuss your problem with you - Legal action is most likely not only the last resort but not something you really want to get involved with given the amount of time, energy and money it takes to go to court.

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Thank you. I’ll call them tomorrow.

The fact that they are somewhat subsidized with public $$$, i don’t think they can just decide it is too much work. After all, parents and kids manage things - and pumps make thing a lot easier. Enter the carbs, the bg and you’re good to go. I highly doubt that those parents of youngsters with T1 D, and the kids themselves are ENdo’s/CDE’s


Also, have you tried contacting someone at the state Office on Aging? I don’t think they’d be too happy to know that this particular private non-profit is taking their money, but not willing to deal with this. Worth a call, I think. And, you can let the Office on Aging know that you’re available to train people at the care facility re managing insulin with a pump.

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Call the AMA like @CJ114 says. It’s possible since it’s partially funded you might get somewhere, but hopefully they would be the ones that know. Because I can see they might have decided it’s a liability issue. Something might have happened or almost happened that scared them?

Honestly, I know several past employees I had at my business that I would never have trusted handling a pump and putting information into it that could kill someone with the wrong input. They might have run into some issue and that is why they are taking that stance now. You might even try to ask why they decided that all of a sudden.

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I’ve called the regional Office on Aging but had to leave a messsage and haven’t heard back yet.

Yes, I get that. I’ve known people who couldn’t manage a pump too, but there’s an RN on staff.
The RN told me she was concerned because his BG “suddenly dropped to 100” and she was afraid he’d “double dosed insulin”. I’d previously explained that with the pump he couldn’t double dose and that 100 is a normal BG. She obviously doesn’t understand the pump, and In August I made an appointment with her to go over the pump but she was too busy when I arrived.
I’m calling the center as soon as they open. Thanks for the suggestion.


Sounds like they need a continuing education class to me. Nancy50

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