Is TuDiabetes being shut down?

I am wondering why the “winding down” of the foundation?


TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes will have a new umbrella organization. The communities will remain intact, same url, same admins, etc.

Why the “winding down” of the foundation? What reason?

No, you dont need to worry. Our communities will continue working :slight_smile:

Please read the press release, other that what is stated there we can’t make any other comments.

@askmanny recorded a beautiful video, sharing his thoughts and feelings.

Yes, I saw the press release, but it wasn’t explicit on the reasoning. Probably funding issues then, I will have to assume.

DHF has relied heavily on the generosity of industry partners, private foundations, and individual donors to help fund our mission and support our communities. Unfortunately, due to increasing costs and the competition presented by a growing number of non-profit organizations competing for limited funds, DHF’s Board of Directors has determined that it is in the best interests of its charitable mission to wind up its operations while partnering with another organization offering support and education for those affected by diabetes, to ensure a sustainable future for our vibrant online communities.


Thank you for keeping the site. Best place ever😎Nancy


Well, I have been member of this forum for 4 years. I also joined many other forums all around the world and remained active on them. I can say without a doubt that tudiabetes is the best online forum/community for diabetics. I learnt here more than I did form any book,doctors or other places. I just hope that we dont loose all the efforts made by members over the years and invaluable knowledge/data on this site.


No worries!

We are here to stay! :slight_smile:

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Will TuD still be a place for both T1D and T2D patients? Beyond Type 1 seems to be focused on Type 1 Diabetes.

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No! Below are some FAQ questions:

What will change in the communities?
Nothing major, maybe some designing, colors or wording. The core of our communities will stay the same – same admins, friends and passion.

Who will be our target audience?
As stated in our mission, no one living with diabetes should ever feel alone. That includes people with any type of diabetes, loved ones, friends, or anyone who wants to learn more about diabetes, are welcome to join.

Do I need to login to the community through
No, the login stays the same, through Your username, password, and profile will stay the same.

Since Beyond Type 1 is geared to T1’s, will the communities support the T2 friends?
Yes, and actually, one of our goals is to reach more type 2’s. For that, we need everyone’s help. Together we are stronger and louder and we can all learn from each other, regardless the type and become a one big and supportive community.

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@Boerenkool and others following this thread – As humans, we generally prefer the status-quo. But the world changes whether we like it or not. Beyond Type 1, BT1, tells us that that TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes will move under the BT1 umbrella with few changes. That means that your experience will remain essentially the same.

With regard to the T1/T2 dynamics of the organizational combination, it appears that BT1 understands that for many reasons the combination of T1 and T2 demographics makes sense. This sensibility goes way back and is part of the DHF DNA. We’ve engaged more than a few skirmishes over the years around this issue and the surviving consensus is that T1Ds and T2Ds share more than they differ and our activist muscle is much larger when we’re together. Just look at the recent decision that the US Medicare system made regarding eligibility for CGM coverage. Medicare did not cut out T2Ds from that eligibility and I for one think T1D/T2D solidarity over the years helped set the stage for that enlightened decision.

My own personal position regarding T1 and T2 diabetes changed over my time here since 2009. At first, like many T1Ds, I didn’t like the general public’s ignorance of the distinction between T1D and T2D. Over time, with the help of many T2Ds here, I realized that even though the etiology of T1D and T2D is different, we share much more than we differ. And we can help each other. My discovery of how carb-limiting can help people with diabetes revolutionized my life with diabetes. I drew knowledge and learned tactics from both T1Ds and T2Ds in this community.

The short answer is that the BT1 umbrella will allow TuD and EsTuD to continue to operate as they always have. From this T1D, I will continue to make T2Ds feel welcome and as useful members of this community. The success of this will in part be determined by each of our continued commitments to make these communities a special place to learn, inspire, be inspired, and never feel alone.

DiabetesMine’s MIke Hoskins provides a nice summary of events.


Thanks for the explanation.
Their name is really confusing. If they want to reach more type 2’s, why don’t they change their name? As a type 1 I wouldn’t pay much attention to an organization that has ‘type 2’ in its name and many type 2’s probably have similar thoughts about BT1.

I agree with you. It’s easier for me to accept this change of the name of the parent organization since I’m T1. Please realize that the choice DHF faced was merging with another financially viable entity or going dark. As a community we need to look past this unfortunate reality. If you feel welcomed, heard, and valued as a member of this community now then it’s reasonable to expect the same going forward. We will strive to make it so.

Organizations do change names. The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation morphed into the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to today’s JDRF, simply the acronym with never a further decoding.

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Well, I’m T1 too, but I’ve learned a lot from T2’s and I hope the focus won’t shift to either type of diabetes.


As type 2 I find the type 1 threads quite interesting. And informative when it comes to managing insulin.


@McChesney This is what led me to TUDiabetes. I came here looking for information on insulin. I gained lots of knowledge from the generous T1 members on this site. This is why it is important to me that this site remain as a home for both Diabetes types.

From what I am hearing TuDiabetes is a good fit with Beyond Type 1. I believe it is their desire to expand their mission to include type 2s.

I am excited about the future opportunities that seem possible now.