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One of my greatest fears has just been realized. My beloved and brilliant endocrinologist Is retiring. I am devastated and am looking for recommendations for endocrinologists in the Philadelphia area - Philadelphia and Western Suburbs are preferred (Montgomery or Bucks County). I am T1, Hashimotos, pumper, with some complications so dual diabetes and thyroid focus is preferred. I think the best docs are found through their patients so I am looking forward to recommendations from this community.

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Mine also just retired and I’m bummed. been with my fav endo for about 15 years or so. we (my wife is also a pumper) see an “unknown quantity” endo in a couple of months and I’m full of trepidation!

I’ve heard some good things about the group at Lankenau

you can also check out accredited endos here

I would also consider using
(they are located up there where you are, but I believe they do most of their consulting remotely) - everyone who works there has type1 & I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen from Gary Scheiner (we had him on TuD live chats every month for a long time)

good luck Donna! so nice to see you, my friend

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Mark Schutta MD, Director of Endocrinology , Mary Jane McDevitt, CRNP, MSN

at Penn Medicine (Hospital of the University Penn)

You are the very best Marie. Thank you!

Thank you! Will check them out. I really appreciate it.

Good luck with the new doc - I will keep my fingers crossed for you both that you hit the endo lottery

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