Issues with Medtronic MiniMed 723

Has anyone have had issues with the 723? In the last 2 months, I have gone through 3 insulin pumps. My replacement right away had A33 code, two weeks later my screen had lines going up and down across the screen, couldn't see a thing so they needed to replace it. On monday my pump while I was sleeping went completely blank, non-responsive, placed new battery in and it didn't power back up again. I just have received my new one and leary once again.

I've never had much of an issue with my 722 Insulin Pump, but when i went to the 723 - I'm having nothing but issues one after another.

I'm wondering if anyone has had much issue with Medtronic 723. I've had some words with Medtronic and really not happy. The representive on the phone had told me that I should invest in a backup pump. Mentioned that I'm lookin into going to a different company for my pump therapy instead.

YES! I am a diabetes educator and many of our patients are on their second, third, or fourth revel. I posted about a year ago about all the problems we have been having with Medtronic pumps over the past 1.5 years. No delivery alarms, unexplained hyperglycemia and DKA, tons of bubbles in the tubing even after priming them out (and keeping insulin at room temp before filling reservoirs), condensation in the reservoir window (something must be causing moisture...leaking reservoirs), reservoir area smelling like insulin and wet inside...does that mess up the piston...leading to pump failure?? Anyway, we have exhausted our efforts to communicate with Medtronic about these issues...apparently "nothing" is wrong. We and our patients have reported these issues to FDA several times too. I am not completely convinced it is fully a revel issue but maybe a combination of problems - namely the connection between the tubing and the reservoir and the o rings in the reservoir. I am interested if other people are having similiar issues too...I will be checking back on this post...maybe Medtronic should be "listening" here too...

I just got the 723 ten days ago after having the 715 for years. So far I have no problems, but will let you know if I do.

I’ve had the 723 for well over a year now and I haven’t had to many problems. I will say I get mysterious air bubbles that start out of no where occasionally. Sometimes I’ll get real bad highs and then notice the bubbles in the reservoir as well as the tubing even though there had previously been no air bubbles. That’s decreased a lot since I’ve started to lubricate the reservoirs before filling them. Also I do notice the smell of insulin in the compartment for the reservoir almost always. I thought that may be normal since this is the first pump I’ve had. Other than that I can’t say I’ve had any of the other problems. What kind of batteries are you putting in your pump? I was told rechargeable batteries or lithium batteries will cause problems.

How do you lubricate the reservoirs before filling them?

I start uusing the Veo 754 in the last 9 nonths and i´m going on my thirth pump since then ,3 replacements .

Medtronic quality controls sucks.

Since I was having issues with air bubbles I looked through the book “Pumping Insulin” for tips. I was able to smell insulin so I thought the issue was from insulin leaking past the o-rings. The book said the lubricant on the rings can dry or something along the lines of collecting in one area so it suggests rotating the plunger pushing it in and out a few times to recoat everything.

I was very interested in reading these messages....I too have a Revel 723, my first pump. I started using this machine about 4 months ago and to date have had no problems like those reported here whatsoever. I also use the Medtronic CGMS, the connectivity between the two is sometimes flaky and I lose signal or get weak signal messages, but other than that the apperatus is working as normal.

The signal lost pr weak signal problem only occur pn Guardian and revel pumps in the Veo pumps that dont occur .
Probably that means this is a software problem on that alredy is fixed in the new generation of pumps "Veo".

Ha… The good ol CGM… I’ve definitely gotten better with having it operate more accurately. In the beginning I had a lot of issues with the signal getting lost. I think my issue was water getting through the tagaderm. I now buy better ones and have a lot less issues. Do you get signal problems if your pump is near your cell phone?

I'm on my second (523, the smaller-reservoir-sized cousin of the 723). The first one had an awkward sound when set to vibrate, and when a crack finally became visible (I'm sure it was there all along), they replaced it. The second one works fine, though the motor sounds a bit louder when rewinding and I hear distinct clicking during a bolus which I haven't heard before.

If you read Wil's blog at, he's been having lots of Motor Errors with his Medtronic pumps (and their replacements). The discussion has been ongoing for some time.

You know, that's a good quetion...and one I hadn't even considered before. I need to check signal problems when near to my cell phone, as sometimes the signal was weak for no apparent reasone.

My only problem was that on my first one the "alarm" sound was inaudible unless in a totally sound free environment. I used "vibrate" as an alternative but even catching that was hit or miss. I contacted Minimed and they sent a replacement - it was in my hands within 17 hours (incredible). The replacement pump was somewhat louder but still essentially inaudible unless in a quiet situation. I've asked others to tell me if theycould hear it and they also agreed that it was quite soft.

From what I've been able to learn, the alarm sound comes from deep within the pump. I was all ready to go on a rant about design issues and to offer my unqualified advice on what they should do better until I began to gather some understanding about the engineering involved.

One tool that addresses this issue that Minimed has introduced is the mySentry. It is designed to alert a parent when their child's continuous glucose monitor shows an impending low overnight. It could also be a useful device for people like me who have trouble hearing alarms, however the $3000.00 price tag is prohibitive - especially for folks like me who do not have top flight insurance. I'm still trying to find a workaround that will alert me to alarms overnight and ideally something that is small and portable that I can carry with me.

No issues with my 723. HAve had it almost 2 years now.

I have issues with my 723 but they probably don't qualify as problems. First, the beep noise sounds like the proverbial "wounded duck." It sounds 'sick.' Second, I only want one single alarm for the reservoir going low, at 5 units. I set it for that and yet I get at least three annoying multiple beeps for low reservoir warnings.
If only animus would make a 300 unit pump. I do not understand why they insist on serving only diabetics with lower insulin needs.

Becauses developing and getting it through the FDA costs large sums of $$$$$. With every "upgrade" of Animas pumps to date it was only small changes so they did not have to do near so much FDA buisness. Even changing the reservoirs would likely take much research etc. Not to mention everything else that would need to change internally. I would imagine it is part of their buisness plan though as Type 2's on an insulin pump is not such a rare occurance any more.

They had to replace my 723. After a year and a half, the up button started sticking, to the point the screen would lock and sometimes it became unusable. Been using the replacement for the past 6 months without incident.

Dumped my Animas in November for the 723.
So far, so good.
My bg's have been better and everything is running smooth.
I do think the Revel has a tiny bit more issues with bubbles, but nothing drastic.
The service local and national has been fantastic to this point.

i've only had mine for just about 3 weeks.
only problem was last night when a check BG alarm went off at 3am, and continued to beep for 30 minutes even after acknowledged.

I have gone trough 3 - 723 in the last year. Screens have gone blank and to maany Low Bg. Doctor has lowed my Basal rates and raised my carbohdrates. I have beena type 1 for 46 years and on 723 for last 5. I also have Multiple Sclerosis so being on my feet to long and exercising is hard. I do walk daily. I have had more Low BG levels in past 2 years then I have had in past 44 years. I don't think the insulin pump is the greatest. I was on the CGM with pump and that has caused problems also. Stopped CGM in early Feb 2012. My last A1c in late Dec 2011 was 5.9 had latest A1c in late May don't know results yes