It happened so quickly, and I'm not sure why...insulin over 28 days, maybe?

Woke up this morning, felt good, bg 135 at 8:00, bolused for 20 gms, ate one of my usual breakfasts. At 11:20, bg 108 -good! At 12:15, I thought I’d have a BLT for lunch - so tested again - 143! hmm, whazzup? bolused for 30 gms, and started making the bacon. By the time I finished, my heart was pounding, itching, nausea - checked again at 12:45 - 196 and ketones! Took a shot, changed my set with a brand new bottle of Humalog (just changed sets yesterday, and the site looked and felt fine). By 2:20, I was feeling better and down to 177.

I keep my insulin in the fridge all the time. This bottle had probably been in use for over 28 days, as I rarely use more than 22 or 25 units a day total. But this has NEVER happened to me in 17 years of pumping, and I’ve never kept track of how long the in-use bottle has been in the fridge. I’m now going to make sure it gets trashed after 25 days.

What would have happened to me if this had occured while I was asleep? I could have woken up (hopefully) in DKA! Oh, and of course, my husband’s on a business trip now and I’m alone.

I’m always amazed at how the MONSTER likes to pull the rug out from under you when things are going along good, and then while you’re down on the floor, kick you just to see you cry some more.

I’ve always used insulin for at least 35 days and never had a problem (that I can recall…)

when this happened to me about a month ago, found out my meter was giving me false readings. Of course, my strips turned out to be in the recall batch. But one thing I checked, that I never do , is check / replace the battery. When was the last time you checked / replaced the battery?

I can’t remember if I ever figured this one out. I’ve never had any problems with my meters (Accu-chek aviva). I always test my blood immediately after getting my quarterly blood draw, and compare the numbers when I go to the doctor and see the lab report. It’s never more than 3 or 4 points off.