OK. This is weird

Flew home from vacation Friday. My blood glucose tested 109 as we landed. Then we went through the return to the US process, walking, hauling bags, etc. When we got home, I tested at 318. Stress, I thought, so I just corrected and went to bed.

Last night at 445, I was 143, so I corrected and then took a food bolus at 600. At 830 was 139. Meal was a leftover that I had eaten successfully, so I rule out food. Tested tis morning at 334, then again as I did not believe it at 317. Took a correction by syringe and will change my kit as soon as I post this.

What is causing this? I had no such problems Sat-this morning. Otherwise my levels have been really good. Thoughts, Suggestions? Thanks.

think you are getting sick, i seem to see a correlation with folks traveling and getting sick immediately after. at first i thought the initial high was stress from traveling with the continued highs could be your pump site, i hope it is this rather than sickness, hoping for a better day and that your vaca was great! amy

I agree with Jacob's mom: you just may have a bad site.. Usually my unexplained highs are caused by either mechannical errors, such as crimped cannulas or by bad sites where the absorption is questionable.. I test a lot after 250 highs and corrections, to make sure I have not overcorrected and to make sure the pump correction is working. If still high and no show of a decline after 2 1/2 hours, it is injection time for me.

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Changed the site this morning. After 2 hours, it is still high at 273, so I corrected a little more--it always takes more to correct when I am over 200, and I was careful about the insulin on board.

Thought about sick (my husband has a cold) but oddly, my glucose rarely spikes from sickness and I feel pretty good.

I should know by this afternoon!

How long were you overseas ? Was there a big time zone shift ? Could it be that
your body shifted to the new timezone and your pump is still set to the old , so your basal rates are wrong for the time of day ?

Wait, nevermind... you said it was OK till now... that's likely not the cause.

any time i have travelled by plain, i become insulin resistant. i could be 120 B4 the plain tks off, and then spike at around 2 hours on board into the 3-400s.and then this could go off into a visious cycle of ups and downs. my lows affect my highs, and my highs, with my correction boluses, effect my lows. when i am planning a trip, sometimes i will give myself a small shot of Lantis to carry me through; also, on my pump there is an optioon for a different "pattern" of basal rates i can switch to. i dont know if you have that. I use the MM pump and the pattern change is always an option. I AM NO DOCTOR; so speak to Urs about the problem.

We were there 3 weeks. I changed my pump to US time when we boarded the plane.Jet lag coming west is harder for me. I am still waking up at 4am, but it is getting easier to go back to sleep.

I have conquered the beast (125 at lunch) but still don't know why.

UTI like last time ?

I read somewhere about an Aussie study that showed pumps can have a problem giving accurate dosage @ high altitudes. I have never had that problem, but ...

The two biggest ones I have seen from flying are infusion set problems (kinked/absorption, etc.) and a few times I have had to change out the insulin cartridge due to "bad" insulin. I also like to unclip and bolus .2U to make sure the insulin is in fact getting delivered to the set.

You have done the right things. Test, verify, change, repeat. It just sucks when the answer isn't an easy one - ha!

I went to China and back in August. Big time change, very long flight!

Going there I did fine bg-wise. But on the way back... sky high the whole time and for a day afterwards too. I think it was a clue that I should've stayed in China :-)

I don't understand. Sorry,

the last time you had an inexplicable bout with highs it was an undiagnosed UTI. Don't know if that was actually the cause of the highs but eventually they resolved.

Duh! No, not a problem. I had forgotten!