It happened!

Hi guys! I got the positive test over the weekend and I'm a bundle of excited but immediately I was SO nervous. I was more nervous about making sure my blood sugar is where it's supposed to be. My last A1C that I got done about a month ago was 6.5, so that's great, but I know before I found out I definitely had high blood sugars and since finding out, I've had one blood sugar in the 190s and a few around 150. I've been checking a lot and correcting as soon as I see a high number, but I'm still scared.

I have an appointment with my PCP this afternoon and she'll refer me to a specialist, so hopefully I'll get more information, but I just hope that I'm not doing anything wrong! I'm afraid to get too attached and believe that I'm actually pregnant because I don't want something to be wrong!

I've read a lot of these discussions, but if anyone has any other advice, I'd really appreciate it!

In my experience the way that I knew I was pregnant 5 times was very high blood sugars during the two week wait and then they didnt drop the day before my period was due. 6.5 is brilliant. Dont worry too much about the odd high and just concentrate on your overall control. Try not to over correct as this creates a pattern of high then too low blood sugars. Congratulations

Congratulations! And yes, those highs in early pregnancy are very common. I'm 11 weeks now, and tend to run low at this point, but for the first month I bounced around a lot. My BG didn't seem to run high or low then, it was just weird and unpredictable. So many new hormones! It was scary and frustrating, but babies are really very resilient. Don't worry too much about any one high; just do the best you can. Good luck!

Hi there, I am in absolutely the same boat like you! I found out last Friday and was very happy but very, very worried as well, because just a week before that, I had a flu and a whole week of high blood sugars, related to this! Since I found out, I've been checking very often and control is back on track as much as possible, but I am still so worried about this week of highs! I was reading on the internet how the fist weeks need to be great in terms of control...but I guess there is only so much we can do. Thank you for sharing, made me feel not alone :) And thank you all for the encouraging answers, they made me chill a bit :)

Don't focus on past highs because you can't do anything about them. Instead focus on preventing highs in the future. As several people have mentioned, overall control is of outmost importance (although you can get "nice" A1C numbers if you have a bunch of highs and a bunch of lows because A1C is just an average). Try to keep your blood sugars steady, it will require some adjustment on your part (for example I had to give up cereal in the morning because it would spike my blood sugars despite appropriate timing and insulin doses). Also, before pregnancy I didn't worry too much about bolusing ahead of the meal, but when I was pregnant I noticed it worked much better if you bolus 15 to 30min before the meal to keep my blood sugars leveled. Also I used to changed my pump site every 5 days and never had a problem pre-pregnancy, but during pregnancy I had to change it every 2-3 days because of insulin absorption issues(of course consult your doctor on all of that). My beautiful daughter is 2 month old today and was born healthy (minus a couple of low blood sugars in the first days) despite several highs i have experienced throughout my pregnancy. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions at all.


When I had my baby a little over a year ago my diabetes nurse would say something at each appointment that really helped me put everything into perspective:

"It's just a drop in the bucket".

This helped me to put the odd high into perspective:)

I'm certain you're doing a fantastic job... just keep the big picture in mind and don't fret the small stuff:)

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

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