After 3 years of trying


About 2 months ago I completely gave up. It was too much and I couldn't take it anymore. My husband and I just decided it was better to quit trying and start saving for an adoption sometime down the road.

It's not unusual for me to have irregular periods, so when I was late this month, I just thought that I was late. But then last Sunday my numbers were completely out of control. I thought it might be a pump failure or site problems, but after I got up on Monday morning I finally got them back down into a normal range. I honestly didn't think I was pregnant, but I decided to pick up some pregnancy tests when I went to the store Monday afternoon. I took the first one first thing Tuesday morning and it was positive. I'm still in shock and I don't think I'll believe it until I actually see the baby.

I got into my endo yesterday and had the pregnancy confirmed by my PCP and she referred me to an OB here in town. I saw my endo a few weeks ago and my a1c was 5.9 and it was up to 6.2 yesterday because of all the highs last week. The educator and endo weren't too worried about all the highs, just had me up my basals more than I already had them and fixed my carb:insulin ratios.

Now we're just asking everyone to pray for no miscarriage. By my calculations I'm about 6 weeks 3 days (give or take a day) and I see the OB on Tuesday morning for an ultrasound and blood work. We have an unfortunate, recent, history of miscarriage in my family and if I lost this baby after trying for all this time, I'll be devastated.

Congratulations Anna! I am right there with you, I’m also about 6.5 wks prego. My sugars were out of control specially in the mornings. Well low and behold, it’s because I’m pregnant. I’m an old school diabetic, still on MDI’s and also use the Dexcom, which has really helped lower my a1c. Currently at 6. I’m on the same boat as u are, this is my first pregnancy, so not sure what advice I can give you other than stay positive, try not to get so deep in thought about the things that can go wrong and focus on the positive. I pray a lot and tend to read a lot of the discussions on here from other women like us who have had healthy pregnancies/deliveries. I’m here in case u wanna talk/vent/compare notes. Lol best of luck to us both!!

Thank you!! Congrats to you, too!! I'm staying calm for now but only because I feel so terrible. Haven't thrown up yet, but only by sheer will power. I thought I felt better today and got a little worried, but then I tried to shower and thought I was going to pass-out I felt so horrible. No spotting, so I'm taking that as a really good sign!

Congratulations Anna!!! Wishing you all the best... and keep us posted on how you are doing.

I also experienced the highs in early pregnancy, but I had no morning sickness or vomiting during my pregnancy resulting in a healthy boy. So if you are feeling OK, I would not start to worry :-)

I have a 16 month old. If you have any questions during the pregnancy, just write!

Thank you! no vomiting yet, but lots of nauseousness. the highs i have gotten under control thanks to the adjustments my endo made the other day. i can’t wait to actually see the little pea on Tuesday. I’m not sure it will become fully real to me until then.

YAY Congratulations!!! I believe I'm 9 weeks now myself :) but I won't have an ultrasound until I'm 12 weeks along :( So good luck with yours and let us know what you see!

I find is kinda exciting and kinda scary at the same time. I started with really high sugars too but now they are mostly under control except I have random lows so I keep on snacking. Baby arrowroot cookies are my best friend, as well as drinking lots of water and having tums always in my purse. Have been very nauseous, vomited only a couple of times, and I also got a respite on my symptoms this past weekend and worried that I lost it... but no bleeding, I'm still crossing my fingers 'cause I feel awfully good compared to how I was feeling before. 1st pregnancy and lots of reading can make you a bit paranoid (I know I am)

I'm here to compare notes if you ever need me! Best of luck today!!

Doctor’s visit went great. I love the OB and the staff. According to my LMP I’m 7wks2days but the baby is a couple of days behind that because I ovulate later than most people.

No blood work this week but I have another appoint in 3 weeks and they’ll do another ultrasound then and do all the blood work at that time. It made me feel better to see the baby but we’re still concerned about a miscarriage. My sister lost 2 babies so she’s freaking out more than i am. Still praying for a full term healthy baby!

:0) Congratulations.

Stay positive! And stop looking at your underwear every time you go pee :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm 12 weeks!! It's going by pretty fast if you ask me. This sonogram is from 2 weeks ago, but hey! it's a baby! The first ultrasound it looked like a turtle. I had blood work last week to find out if I have a blood clotting disorder that runs in my family. My OB is treating me as if I have it for now, but because of the holiday last week, the results are taking awhile to come in. My mom does have this disorder, as does my older sister, but my younger does not have it, so I'm hopeful that I don't either. If I DO have it, I can have a healthy full term baby, it just means more work by way of blood thinning shots. And after watching my older sister give herself those shots, NO THANK YOU. And this coming from someone who's been giving herself shots since she was 8.

I went to the endo this morning and my a1c was 5.6. That's the lowest it's been in over 2 years. And I haven't even been going low that often, so they were really happy. I'm still having some trouble with slight highs (160-190) in the afternoons, so she adjusted the sensitivity.

I'm starting to feel better on the nausea front, but I'm still really tired most of the time and how I feel seems to be based solely on how much sleep I got. I'm sleeping okay at night, but when I work during the week I don't get to nap in the middle of the afternoon so I usually end up not feeling good after dinner. So I just go to bed early and forget all about not feel good :)