It's all good

and i hope it’ll get better.

see, i was actually terrified about telling my professors and instructors about my diabetes, and letting them know that i might have to leave class halfway or have a quick snack for a while, on occasion that i have to treat a low.

kristofer (from this site) suggested it to me and i think its a great idea to let the professors know so they don’t think i’m a disrespectful student who is munching away in class while she’s supposed to be listening.

it turned out to be easier than i thought it would be and yeah i’m really glad that i’ve told the various course instructors. they were all very understanding about it and i think i’ll be better off that way.

in particular, one of my professors told me that he’s got a couple of friends with T1 diabetes, and he even reminded me that if i need to leave the lecture theatre to get me some soda from the vending machine, it won’t be a problem with him. and oh he also reminded me that the vending machine is right outside the lecture theatre! :slight_smile:

my irregular lunchtime issue is also solved. bringing a snack and having it around 11am helps sustain my sugars till my very late lunch around 2.30pm. that way, i forgo my afternoon snack. but the next challenge is to remember to bring a snack to school because i may not have time to run to the canteen to get some fruit or a packet of milk.

anyway it’s singapore’s national day tomorrow (our equivalent of july 4th) and i’m going for a long nature walk in the morning, and a movie date in the evening. should be fun! :slight_smile:

Hey Daena!
I’m glad you got all of that resolved! I never have (and still don’t) told my instructors up front. Not the smartest decision I’ve ever made, but it was mine. It would be a good idea, though.
Hope things are well!

That’s great. As a teacher, I’ve found that being up-front with the kids is best. That way I don’t get flack when I need a snack like, “Why do YOU get to eat in class?” They get very interested in my glucometer and I can’t wait to show them my pump!

Good for you for advocating for yourself. It’s not soo bad, and most people are very accepting and accomodating. I’m proud of you. My teaching schedule at the uni here in TW was crazy, too. I taught 12-3:20 and from 5:30-9:05, so lunch and dinner was a little wonky. Snacks helped me out, though.