It's been a long time

...since I've visited TuDiabetes, AND since I've had to restrict my carb intake. But here I am, doing both!

I am a long-time T1D who recently has been trying unsuccessfully to lose 10 lbs that have slowly crept on in the past year or two. I count carbs always, for insulin purposes, and try not to go overboard, but haven't had limits to follow for quite some time. Many well-meaning non-diabetic friends have urged me to try what's been useful for their weight loss - counting calories in MyFitness Pal - but I was not seeing results. So I met recently with the dietician/CDE in my endocrinologist's office, and she suggested I cut back on my carb intake - to the tune of 120g a day. Which, I've learned from some online research, isn't even LOW carb! The fact that this was such a challenge makes me realize I WAS eating too many carbs, and now that I am minus four pounds after 2 weeks of eating this way, I am pretty sold.

It's been a fun (so far) challenge to think outside the box of my go-to meals and mix up ratios (1/4 cup rice and half a head of broccoli with my chicken, for instance). I documented more specifics on my personal website if you'd like to read more, but wanted to share the little collage I made of some of my "30 or less" meals and snacks over the past few weeks.

In my experience, calories have zero to do with weight loss. Dietitians will argue with me, but it's all about carbs and minimizing your insulin needs. Not to mention that lower-carb eating makes it so much easier to manage your BG's. Have you asked your doc or CDE about starting Symlin? It's an injectable, synthetic form of amylin, yet another helpful but non-essential hormone normally produced by the pancreas but lacking in most T1D's. You inject it just before meals greater than about 25g of carb, and it almost immediately makes you feel really full and significantly reduces your bolus requirements. I lost 12 lbs. on it a couple of years ago and have kept it off. Check it out!

I'm very impressed with your Dietician. Most dieticians to the party line and recommend high carb calorie restriction approaches. I think you have a keeper.

I'm making a fun low carb dinner tonight, low carb pizza. I start with a Mission low carb tortilla, 18g carbs and 12g fiber and then load it up with meat, veggies and cheese. Ummmmm.

Interesting pictures. In addition to reducing your carbs, what has this done to your total daily caloric intake?