IT'S HERE! Next-Generation OmniPod Insulin Pump Cleared by FDA

The ID requirement may be due to the increased 5 foot range>this avoids mix ups

Meh, my next shipment is scheduled to go out at the beginning of February.

I wonder how they will handle that transition? Will they send me the typical 90 day supply (Actually a 120 day supply since it is the first shipment of the year), requiring me to wait until practically the middle of 2013 to get the new pods? Or will they send me just enough to tide me over until the new pods are released, then send me a full supply of those at the end of Feb/beginning of March?

If I were you, I would request that they send you just one month at a time until the new pods come out. Just take yourself off of auto ship. I didn't know anyone got any more than a 90 days supply at a time?

NYSHIP Bluecross/Blue Shield has been sending me 5 boxes every 3 months for the past 18 months, with no copays!

crossing my fingers that the wait is not long in Canada.