Current Users Are Important to Insulet (LOL)

Updated on 4/8/2013.

FDA Clearance for the New OmniPod System

The new OmniPod System, comprised of a smaller Pod and an updated PDM, has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means Insulet is now selling the new OmniPod in the U.S. The new OmniPod insulin pump is approximately 34% smaller and 25% lighter than the original model, while maintaining the same 200-unit insulin reservoir capacity, 3-day wear and other easy-to-use features.

Getting Ready to Transition

We are currently transitioning all our operations for the new OmniPod System. This includes working with healthcare professionals, distributors and other essential partners to ensure as seamless a conversion as possible for all patients and their support system.

The following FAQs will help answer many of your questions. For other helpful resources and more information about the new OmniPod, please visit We designed this website to help you learn about all of the new features and benefits of the new System.

As an existing OmniPod wearer, when can I expect to receive the new OmniPod?

We expect to transition everyone to the new OmniPod over the next few months. This transition is structured to ensure we are able to convert all of our OmniPod wearers in an orderly manner in the hopes of a smooth conversion for everyone.

We will notify you when it’s time for you to convert to the new OmniPod. This notification will also contain helpful information about how to access resources to educate yourself on the new features, so you’ll be ready to use the new System when it arrives.

As a courtesy to our existing OmniPod wearers, we are offering a one-time conversion to the new OmniPod System at no additional cost to you; provided you’re still within your 4-year limited PDM warranty at the time of conversion.

If your OmniPod warranty has expired there is no reason to worry. We will reach out to you to start the process of renewal. If you wish to renew your warranty now and avoid possible delays later, you may also contact our Reimbursement Team at 800-591-3455 (Option 2).

Why do existing OmniPod wearers have to wait longer to get the new OmniPod than new OmniPod wearers?

We at Insulet feel a deep sense of loyalty to all of you who are current users of the OmniPod. The OmniPod, and especially the new OmniPod, wouldn’t be what it is today without your loyal support along the way.

In February, we began transitioning new users to the new OmniPod. We know many of our current users are unhappy with that decision and we want to express our most sincere understanding to anyone who feels this way.

The decision to start new users first was not taken lightly, but it was necessary due to several factors. These factors include inventory constraints for the original OmniPod PDM, feedback from healthcare professionals concerned with training new users on two systems in a short period of time, and the time required to ensure that all customer service teams, as well as your healthcare providers, have the knowledge needed to transition our more than 45,000 OmniPod wearers responsibly to the new OmniPod System.

Additionally, we must ensure that we are able to continue to support you in the manner you expect. That requires not only ensuring appropriate amounts of supply, but appropriate levels of resources available across our Reimbursement, Training and Customer Support Teams. Because of these factors, we must transition the customer base over a period of time. As a courtesy to our existing OmniPod wearers, we are offering a one-time conversion to the new OmniPod System at no additional cost to you; provided you’re still within your 4-year limited PDM warranty at the time of conversion.

We expect that all existing in-warranty OmniPod wearers will receive the new OmniPod over a period of three to six months from the point where we start the conversion. This remains unchanged.

Your loyalty is genuinely appreciated, and we thank you for patience and understanding as we work to transition everyone over the next few months. Please know that our goals are the same in that we want everyone using the new OmniPod as quickly as possible.

Will I receive a new PDM?

Yes, and as a courtesy to our existing OmniPod wearers, we are offering a one-time conversion to the new OmniPod System at no additional cost to you; provided you’re still within your 4-year limited PDM warranty at the time of conversion.

If your OmniPod warranty has expired there is no reason to worry. We will reach out to you to start the process of renewal. If you wish to renew your warranty now and avoid possible delays later, you may also contact our Reimbursement Team at 800-591-3455 (Option 2).

Should I call Insulet for an update on new OmniPod availability?

Aside from what is provided here, our Customer Care Team and local Insulet representatives will not have additional information on your conversion date until the notification is sent to you by e-mail. Any new updates we have for you regarding your personal conversion to the new OmniPod will be sent directly to you. Please check back here and visit for any and all additional updates.

I get my OmniPod through a distributor rather than Insulet directly; does that impact my conversion to the new OmniPod?

We are working with all of our authorized distributors to make sure you get the new OmniPod over the same expected three to six month period. We’ll reach out to you by e-mail to let you know when you’re scheduled to receive the new OmniPod. We will send you the new PDM directly and our authorized distributor will send you the new OmniPods.

Thank you.

Again, we thank you for patience and ask for your understanding as we work to transition everyone over the next few months.

I keep getting the run around on a date. They first off told me that it would be the end of February. Then it was the end of March beginning of April and now its another month or two. I'm not happy about it as I put my last order on hold for this. Luckily I have enough back-ups to get me through for now.

Blah blah blah. It's all about the bottom line. They don't want a ton of old unused pods sitting in inventory so they're trying to get rid of them. I understand that from a business perspective, I'm just pissed that we were told by our rep last summer when we made the decision to start our daughter on the pod that existing users would get the new pods first.

At the end of January when our last shipment went out, I called and they said that our next shipment at the end of May would be the new pods. I've called twice since then and get a vague "maybe/maybe not" answer now. I told the CSR that I refuse to accept another 3 month shipment, that I want my small 4 year old daughter on the new pods ASAP. He put me on a "waiting for upgrade" month-to-month status. I said that I MIGHT accept one more month of the larger pods but NO MORE after that, simply b/c I know they are available and shipping to new customers.

Working once as a coordinator of services, I see very clearly why they took the path they did. I've got no problem with it at all. They need to stay in business first and most of all. Using their resources to the best advantage is very important to not only them, but to us as their customers. Sure they could trash all the old pods immediately and use the new ones, but I'd prefer they stay in business, and conduct that business well. It be better for all of us if they spent the money on more research than on pushing the envelope on customers when it really doesn't matter THAT much.

Seriously folks, don't be greedy. Heck, if you don't like the pod that much why did you start using it?

Just trying to give a full perspective here...

I am a PODD stockholder and an OmniPod user. Yes, their first obligation is to shareholders, but I think they have an ethical obligation to be honest with timelines and communications.

I don' think greed has anything to do with it...

OK, they put up a full letter communication what they are doing. Their timeline is based on usage which fluctuates. Could it be you're making some assumptions?

I agree w/ Scott that they have a business to run. I'm happy with the current pump (which is why I use it over others), but of course I'd always like to have the newer technology in my hands now :)

I also agree with Erik though, that Insulet should have thought this strategy out better. Tell potential customers one thing in order to get them to bite the hook and get them on the line (using the product), then do the bait and switch once they (Insulet) realizes that of course it would not be a good idea to give a new pumper two different versions back to back, on top of the cost of training that person properly (man hours, etc) on both systems. So they made money on all of those who were contemplating switching to the pod (from another pump or from MDI), and then they get to continue making money off of them as well as new customers as they tranisition everyone to the newly approved 2nd gen pods.
It's a case of having one's cake and eating it too.
I think from my perspective it just stings a bit to be a loyal customer for the past 4 years and to not be given "correct" information (heck my rep showed me the video of the new pod before I started on the first gen PDM and first gen pod and said it was "almost out" to say it's been a long time coming is an understatement) in addition to also be disregarded a bit in the process ("oh, we'll get to you when we get to you, please go back and wait in line sir...").

I never said anything about not liking the pod itself or even gave that impression, in fact I love the pod for my daughter. And I understand Insulet's strategy and want them to stay in business as well, I'm just upset with the fact they apparently told their reps that existing customers would get the new pods first and then changed their mind. Or they told their reps to say that to potential customers like us to get them to purchase.

I am deeply disappointed with how this transition has been handled. I am anything but greedy. I do not feel valued or respected as a long time OmniPod user (my son) and outspoken advocate for Insulet. I feel we, the loyal, longstanding customers, have been manipulated and taken advantage of. I have expressed these feelings directly to the top executives of Insulet and have heard not a peep from them.

I too am a shareholder and a former business woman, and am no fool with respect to the financial implications behind this. This has been poorly executed on many levels.

Yes. I assume:
Insulet has a pile of Gen 1 pods which are less desirable than Gen 2 pods
Insulet has a captive audience and is leveraging their power to deplete inventory of gen 1 pods. I am ok with this.
Insulet knows the months/weeks/days supply their inventory represents, and is being dishonest by saying they don't know when the transition will start.

Here, here, Scott.

How many of those complaining would be willing to put their money where their mouth is? I'm sure you could call Insulet and offer to buy the new PDM and pods and they'd be happy to ship them to you (as opposed to getting a new device for free). But how many are willing to do that? Certainly not as many as are willing to complain...

Look, I'm also a long-time user. I don't think the communication has been handled particularly well, either. But the original serves us all very well nd in the big picture, what's an extra couple of months? Really.

I don't agree that Insulet would be happy to accept payment for the new system. We are out of warranty and able to make payment for the new system via our insurance which we have confirmed is ready and willing to pay for it. We are still getting inconsistent responses from the people at Insulet with regard to not only a timeline for shipment but also the status of our insurance approval.

I think the difference is that we are existing consumers of old inventory and thus they can continue to convert old inventory into revenues from existing customers only. There is little financial benefit from us converting even if we pay for the new system.

If it hadnt been for this forum I would not have even had a clue that the transition had started! Thanx to everybody here who has been sniffing out all the latest news!

That's a valid point, but I'm pretty sure the "contracted rate" that insurance carriers pay is not the same as the retail price that Insulet charges for out-of-pocket payers. I could be wrong about that, but based on years working (and consuming) in the medical industry, I'd be surprised.

It would be interesting to call Insulet and ask the very question... maybe I'll do that to satisfy my curiosity...

I think you are correct about the rates.

I don't think priority should be given to the highest bidder, though.

This is interesting. Has anyone known people who have been on the Omnipod system for awhile to already have gotten the new system? I know of at least one person who has and they have been on it longer than I have. I didn't start mine until October 2011. So how is it fair that everyone else that has been on it for awhile has to wait but there are other that have been on it for awhile that are being switched?

"K" is the only "current user" I have heard of who received a next gen pdm and pod set. This was via a distributor. Maybe there is a loophole in the discrimination?

Are you referring to another person?

I do think insulet should have done better math when the FDA approval was given, in order to have given an honest timeline. I am hoping to have it be my “turn” before my warranty is up in December…,

Presumably the 4 year warranty isn't extended by the conversion, so you may be better off renewing the warranty on the gen 1 system before switching to gen 2 - it might cost less.

I am not "being greedy", and I love my Omnipod. For my small child, though, it's a different story. I would put off my own conversion for years, if it meant we could get my son on a safer pump (not having a proper IOB, and not many Target Windows is very hard). It's fine when he's with me, but when he's at school, he goes low quite a bit because he truly has IOB (meal bolus) that is not being accounted for. The only reason I'm writing this is that so you may understand that there are different reasons for "needing" the new system, not just for convenience. :-)