Omnipod 5 automated pump gets FDA approval

It was announced Friday that the FDA has approved Insulet’s Omnipod 5 automated insulin delivery system, which will begin a limited rollout soon. It is the first tubeless pump to offer AID and the first to offer smartphone control, initially with Android devices and eventually Apple phones as well. Apple phone owners will get a separate controller until the iPhone app is rolled out.


Yeah hoo! I can’t wait. :+1:

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I’ll wait until iOS integration occurs. Kinda bummed as the main benefit of Omnipod 5 seems to be the ability to get rid of carrying around that hacked Nuu Android phone that I hate with a passion.

Any idea if OmniPod 5 allows for disabling the godawful “please check your blood sugar” alert after changing a pod? I often change my pod before bedtime, and I despise this alert because it wakes me up. And I’ve got a Dexcom CGM so if there’s an actual problem, I get woken up anyway.


I just lower the volume on my PDF and plug it in if I change a pod right before bedtime. The alarms don’t wake me up.

I talked to my Dr at the end of January and she said she put me on a list for the new Omnipod. She said she would let me know when she can start writing prescriptions for it…

I am wondering what is taking so long. Does anyone know what the status is right now?