Its that time of year again

If you think this is going to be a post about Christmas and diabetes then you came to the wrong blog. This is all about self promotion! haha.

Around this time last year I posted this blog

Well, I was feeling musical again so I decided to clone myself and play Carol of the Bells!

Enjoy and Merry Early Christmas!

I dreamed once i could do something like that. Then i woke up.

love it Timmy! My dad was an accomplished harmonica player (he could even play the William Tell Overture), and this reminds me of many good times we had. Thanks!

Thanks. I havent learned William Tell yet. I can do the "dadada dadada dada da da da" part, but I havent figured out all that fancy stuff in the middle lol. but i'm glad I brought back memories.

Thank you Timmy. and what fun!