Erratic christmas low's

crappy lows last couple of days,

I've tweaked settings according to john walsh's new algorhythm, and gone a bit overboard, I guess, had 48 good hours that the settings seemed to be spot on,

but now kennedy has had three bad lows in 24 hours,


also a new thing she has been doing has been feeling low, but not checking it and treating it... so last night she was 37, then 54 and now 51, she comes up but then drops like a rock again...

calling endo now...

how is everyone else doing?

merry christmas everyone, natalie

Christmas is an exciting and emotional time for many folks. This "energy" can easily drive down blood sugars. Or, like in my case, all the good food can drive them up! :)

It's a special time for diabetics to say the least. Merry Christmas anyway and good luck in your control methods.

merry christmas natalie! i guess sometimes the quest for perfection can kick us in the but on so many levels!! i was having a moment earlier tonight wishing i could vent to a diabetic mom so thanks for the opening. good christmas but so much food, jacob is getting more independent he does better sticking to the 3 meal, 3 snack routine, but with all the food he wants to graze and bolus graze and bolus or maybe have a little something and not bolus! eeeks so he was 45 around 11 too agreesive with morning grazing bolusing and some arm work putting his new fish tank together, pod on his arm.. so then of course he over treated and bolused some but tooo much grazing and was 340 before christmas dinner at 130! under control now. but it makes me want to toss out all the goodies and get him back on track. while we were getting desert ready around 430 in my head i was like lets speed this up i want to give him dinner in 2 hours after one gets all the diabetes related thoughts that can go through ones head in a day, did i forget a little basketball game after a correction before dessert luckily we fended off a low on that one. it makes my head spin thinking about it all, luckily jacob is a happy boy and seems to role with the punches just a few mom i know what i am doing and if i wasnt a diabetic i could eat whenever i wanted! just venting, i guess we just process this all in our heads now and jacob is actually pretty good with his self management, clearly looking for more indendence which we are working on! i hope you were able to enjoy the holiday despite the management issues, has she been grazing and stacking insulin like jacob? best wishes and sorry for the long vent, but i think you get it which goes along way knowing others here understand! hope things get better, many blessings to you and your family. amy

Great to hear from you too!! Funny kennedy just settled down to 130 after a day of lows!! Too much guessing today!! Aren’t you excited for new pods?!?!? I hope Jacob is well! Where does he do diabetes camp?? I’m trying to get kennedy into a camp at stanford where they will do an artificial pancreas study!! Wish me luck!!

Thanks Scott! Where do you live?

i here you on the guessing!! good luck with the artificial pancreas study, jacob had considered doing this as an inpatient a while back with two omnipods one insulin, one glucagon, but the momentum feel away. he isnt much of a camper, although it probably would do him good to hang with other type 1's. he tends to be pretty closed mouthed about his D unless he is with us, but he is having a great year as a freshman in high school, he truely loves to learn it is so refreshing! i am hoping someday he will have an empathic girl friend who is interested in learning about his D and he will open up all around about it, i guess i understand his self consciousness and am happy with where he is as opposed to being really out there and taking crazy risks or just not facing up to his D that would be a really hard battle so i am thankful that his level of responsibly is where it is.... glad kennedy settled out! it is almost a joke around here waiting for the new pods, cant believe it is finally almost here i'm not going to talk it up too much until they arrive! have a great vaca with the kids! amy