Japan and diabetic

i am type 1 and using Medteronic 640 pump and Enlite CGM of course i am using around 65 units of insulin daily

2 questions
a - assuming i have a basic medical insurance in japan how much i will spend on drugs and one time use equipment?
b- anybody has a Yakkan Shoumei form filled for pump nad CGM?


I would contact your local JDRF for more information about medical access in Japan. The odds of a recently-emigrated Japanese national checking out this site are low. The JDRF should either be able to answer your questions or know who you should talk to regarding those questions.

How’s the Enlite accuracy on your 640g? I have a 530g, but switched to Dexcom because of problems with the Enlite.

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local JDRF you mean Israeli JDRF ( i am from israel)?
it is accurate and i am not testing except calibration tests and the safe guard is wonderful
just take in consideration that my HA1C is under 6 during last 5 years and i am with 640 and enlite for the last year
before enlite i had a navigator 2 from abbot and it was accurate just like enlite

How would I know that you’re Jewish from what you said? But the place to get information about diabetic healthcare in Japan probably WOULD be a JDRF chapter somewhere in Japan. Or the Japanese embassy in any country probably could find someone to help you.