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Seems to be that way, I would probably still need a straight jacket to not punch anyone.


Well, remind me not to hang out with you while you’re doing it then, but I suspect after you did and made the appropriate adjustments you’d be glad you did


If I’m not in jail, even so I might still be glad.


To clarify, if your blood sugar drops low if you skip a meal; by all means eat something to bump it back up, but use that information to make adjustments to minimize the problem in the future… that’s the idea of basal testing


I can’t get my head around a 25 years of living with diabetes and one wearing a pump who has no education whatsoever about Basal Testing. How on earth did you figure your basal rate(s) in the first place? How did you figure how much insulin to bolus when you eat?? If you find yourself not in the desired range then are you able to change your pump settings???

I know you said you live in the sticks (my description), but I hope your Endo is up to date on current options and diabetes management techniques. Folks are trying so hard here to tell you to find a safe basal (many of us have several rates) so you don’t go low anytime.

The now and then low is inevitable, as are the highs we can’t explain. But not knowing how to manage them is just asking for trouble.


Honestly Karen I’ve had to pray a lot. 2012 was an extremely rough year and I just realesed it to HIM. My A1C and levels are exceptional. Jesus is pretty much my endocrinologist. I’ve also done a lot of research and had a supportive family. The basal starvation technique has only been discovered in this forum, but if someone hadn’t mentioned it here whatever chapter in TLAP covers it I would have discovered shortly. I’m finding that to be a really enjoyable read. It will be interesting to read what the author has to say about it.


Well I guess the straight jacket idea is out of the question now. :joy::poultry_leg::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not starvation… it’s skipping a single meal. Not quite the same thing.


You obviously don’t know my obsession with food then. 6-8 hours no lunch equals the need to constrain me.


Didn’t you say you eat like 1200-1600 calories a day? Based on that I would have to assume I have about 4x your obsession with food. Still worth it to ensure my basal is right on and I don’t have to worry about having an actual medical problem if I don’t eat at a certain time…


On top of the normal hunger, if your basal rate is set too high for YOU and it is causing a drop, that could quite possibly be adding to your craving for food so as to correct a low.

Also - I would suggest not to compare insulin amounts. It seems people are so different than any attempt to compare your insulin usage to somebody else would likely only send you off down a rabbit hole and not actually be helpful.


That was so kind of a response. You’re not a hormonal woman who wants to eat it’s just the insulin is probably what Tim was thinking. Lol. I would NEVER adjust my ammouns according to anyone else’s on here. The sole purpose for the question was to determine if I could actually go any lower in a safe manner. If someone had stated they took 1.7 per hour consistently then I gathered data from not exact but similar rates then I would be wary of the system in general. Now I honestly didn’t expect that, just part of my own observations to protect myself.


I really hope you’re right Sam. This could be life changing. Honestly.


2012 was a long dang time ago! A1c levels can be skewed for one who rides the bg roller coaster. And your bg should be your guide not your average that might actually be BS.

AND - Starvation?!? Sorry, Elyssia but that is ridiculous. And I do want to know WHO and HOW you were trained to set your pump to manage your own diabetes. There is no book on that…it is entirely individual. MDI also need to know how to test so they know how much basal to inject and how often.

Did you read your OmniPod manual? That is the book you should be checking out in my opinion. Did HE release your basal settings and ratios to you? If not then WHO did. No prayer book I’ve ever perused has Basal Testing advice :roll_eyes:

Is your Endo associated with a Hospital, Clinic, or other where you can get some classes and stuff?


My blood sugar levels are actually pretty stellar most of the time too. We all have bad days I’m sure. I already checked on classes, that opened up a conversation about them wanting me to lead a young person’s with diabetes study group. So there’s the short answer on that one. See Karen I also have the Holy Spirit who guides me. It’s not necessarily in a text book, I enjoy good text books but when the Holy Spirit speaks its riveting. I just cover your mind and your spirit right now Karen by the precious blood of Jesus. I ask that wisdom flow through your mind and you’ll know how to fight for the rights of the people the Lord has placed on your heart. I ask this in Jesus name.


Religion is not why I come here, Elyssia. I wish you health and wellness.


Thank you Karen! I see God kicking down strongholds for you and your mission here on earth. You have a great calling to help those who have been wronged I believe. I rebuke any attacks from the enemy coming against your mind and beautiful heart in Jesus mighty name.


I don’t love basal testing but it is helpful. Here’s how I would describe it:

Basal testing is done in parts. Usually, you start with the overnight after having an early dinner. Then you avoid eating anything while tracking your blood sugar. If you blood sugar goes low or high, you correct and stop the test. If this is a consistent issue, you tweak the basal and then redo the basal test. You keep doing this until you blood sugar stays fairly steady during that overnight stretch. (Hopefully this is after 2-3 basal tests.) Then you can feel fairly confident about your overnight basal rate.

Then you move on to, maybe, the morning test. This would require skipping breakfast and eating at lunch (unless, again, you go too high or low). And so on and so on. There are very good guidelines and instructions out there on the internet on how to do basal testing.

Your basal rates are the foundation of your treatment, so you want to have confidence in them. But you can’t be sure of your basal when you’re mixing in other activities like food, boluses, or exercise. So you need to isolate the basal, which you do by brief periods of fasting.

Basal testing is something that often only needs to be done every few years, when your settings are no longer working.

I can’t explain why your doctors haven’t suggested this. It could be a terminology issue, as some have suggested. If they are not endocrinologists, they may not have as extensive or up-to-date knowledge of treatment and techniques. My own endo never mentioned the benefits of low carb diets but knew all about it when I found out and asked, so no one is perfect and we do need to be our own advocates, even to our doctors, just as you are for yourself in workplace settings.

But basically, no one is suggesting that you regularly “starve” yourself. It’s just skipping one meal at a time for a couple of days as you check how your fasting blood sugar does during those time periods.


How much weight do typically loose during that time frame? Seems like a good thing to do at the first of the year. My endrogronoligists have never mentioned this but like I said earlier, for a short time I had a diabetic specialist on my team who wasn’t an endo and he gave me the best advice I’ve ever received on care. His baby is the glucomander so he went to the Carolinas when he was stationed to focus on its development. It was bittersweet for me and I was thankful to gain his teachings, even for such a short time.


I’ve never lost weight and I’d be surprised if anyone else did. It’s just one meal per day.