Does anyone have a job that interferes with caring for Diabetes?

Is there anyone who has a job that is so crazy, demanding and busy that they struggle with time to take care of thier diabetes? I am working through breakfast, lunch and dinner and feel like I am constrained in taking glucose readings, shots and eating. I work on a competitive team of very healthy, energetic people. I am not complaining and I really love my job but I feel like my health is taking a hit. Stress and transition is a part of the work environment. I would appreciate any tips and suggestions on how people deal in a situation like this.

I am really trying and my heart is in the right place, but I feel like I don’t have a minute to spare at work and I am getting so tired at night that it is difficult even to find the energy to prepare food for the next day. I am behind in my doctors appointments too for fear of missing time at work. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am a Type 1 on MDI and have other health concerns.

honestly? i think you NEED to take time to do it. its really not an option.

I have read all three of these and would like to point out. It seems nowadays people have lost perspective our drive for money is making people ill in not just diabetes but mental health. The pressure of "modern living is straining adrenal systems kidneys etc on top of that we live in fear of loss instead of recognising once our health is gone there is nothing left to lose. Some how some when our drive for material goods and status has out grown our gift of being happy with less. We are slaves to our own greed. I suggest people should worry less about money wealth and perceived material happiness and be more focused on well-being.

As boedica said caring for yourself is not an option. I will bet that those around you take smoke breaks - take a diabetes break the better control the better your concentration will be and you will be more productive. As your blood sugars rise you become tired, irratable and generally not nice to be around so take time and improve all the way around your life.

Good luck

Take a load of bread and peanut butter and a couple boxes of granola bars to work and toss it in your desk. It takes all of 30 seconds to slop some pb on the bread and squish it flat. The other thing that is great are the ready to drink shakes. EAS has a carb control shake with 2 g carbs and it tastes pretty decent. I use it for when I’m running massive chemo experiements in cell culture and have to do stuff ever 15 min for 8 hours and don’t get a reasonable break all day. With the 2 g of carbs I don’t have to worry about dosing (I’m on MDI too) and not feel sickly tired all day.

I think of my diabetes routine as just one of the many normal, everyday things I do. Nobody who is short-sighted would ever not have the time to put on their spectacles or contact lenses before leaving the house. How often do you go to work without having brushed your teeth? At certain times of the month, many women need extra time to take care of themselves as well.

I have a demanding job myself.My line of work involves worrying about the health and wellbeing of others and it can be very stressful.I find it affecting my sugar with stress alone…whether I eat well or not.I work with people with mental health issues and one of them happens to a diabetic himself.For the longest time my sugar ran between 250 and 350.At one point it got as high as 505.My friends and family tried their best to get me to go to the E.R. but I didn’t go because of not wanting to miss work.One of my bosses happens to be a Psychologist and he said that if my sugar runs that high again,go to the hospital asap.He told me that people need to take some time to think about their health because it could do more harm if you don’t.Especially if you are a workaholic like me.Since it was 505,my boss has asked me daily about my sugar.You need to consider yourself once in a while in order to help and serve others.I have learned a lesson myself.Take a minute to think about you.

I have one of those high stress jobs sometimes with really long hours 16-18, or even some 72 hours. Planning is key.Pre made meals, timers either by phone computer or other people to test and dose.

Walking while on phone, streching while on phone…5 min mini meditations (i do mine with feet up to aid circulation) WAter on hand at the workstation…I highly reccoment tuDiabetes water bottles–the metal bottom hodl up well to being slung around in a backpacks outer netted pockets

Desk is stocked with a jar of peanute butter, jerkeym almonds crackers, can cheese, cans of veggies that I like cold (green beans, asparagus, beets-and a can opener) plastic utnesils along with all the normal backupo meter, strips etc etc …and em,ergency inslulins in a locked fridge

Actually, my life is so busy, it’s the diabetes that interferes! I get frustrated because it feels as if I can’t leave my house without taking half of it with me (supplies, etc.).

Is there any job that doesn’t interfere with caring for Diabetes. I’m a self employed CPA and had to significantly cut back on my practice after diagnosis. Just because the job and diabetes both make claims on your time and attention doesn’t mean that one has to be neglected. I’m sure your competitive, healthy, energetic co-workers would make a reasonable attempt to cut you enough slack so that your job isn’t killing you slowly. If they can’t or won’t, it isn’t the right job for you whether or not you love it.


Can you test or give insulin right there with your team? I don’t know exactly what you do, which is why I ask.

If you were to be let go and believed it to be related to diabetes, your employer could be in trouble. You are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Technically your employer can be asked, by you, to make a reasonable accommodation for you to have time to do these things and care for yourself, and they can’t turn you down. You ARE legally protected to be able to care for yourself at work. So just do it.

Complications from poor care of your diabetes may have a longer-lasting and more negative effect on your career than stopping a few times a day to check your blood sugar and bolus.

i think you should take care of yourself first! if your not “around”, you really not doing your team or clients any good!

I work at a hectic clinic where I don’t take breaks and if I am not careful, can go 7 hours without eating. I had this issue you explained until I bolused for lunch but didn’t get to finish and had a crazy low, almost throwing up and fainting on a patient…

Not only was I not taking care of myself, I can’t take proper care of my patients when I am low or tired, etc. Just as Nola said, you can’t be your best/competitive/ or whatever if you don’t put yourself first sometimes.

My fellow employees are understanding but can be passive aggressive about my need for a 15 or taking my lunch on time. But it’s just something I deal with. My endo, work, and I have an understanding of what day of the week I can go to my appointments so that helps.

Tips: remind yourself and your coworkers what a low feels like, what DKA looks like, and what long-term damage can be. It might be harsh but they need to know what the consequence are and you need to remind yourself what you could be doing to your body.

Good luck! I know that you can make this work!

you sound like a perfect candidate to get hooked up to a CGM and/or pump, and FEHB health insurance is usually quite good. it sounds like your issues with eating in your office are personal rather than office culture, and i would try to get more comfortable eating while you have clients in the office. you might also want to invest in a bluetooth so that you can take a bite of something while you’re on the phone.

i am a law student who will probably be working a 60-90 hour/week job when i graduate, so this is something i’m trying to think about. at the end of the day i may just have to say no to firms that have a reputation for being sweatshops or hard on employees with disabilities, or look for a public sector job with a more manageable ~50 hour week.

I have been bullied at work threatened as i have had time off due to sugar swings I have been signed off again and will not be allowed back until this is sorted… I am sick of being bullied over this it makes it worse. Employers are using these hard times to target people and threaten them make them live in fear. ITS A OUTRAGE people who have a chronic illness need more time than others who do not have to struggle with a complex illness. So DO NOT allow money grabbing employers make you feel you can not look after yourself they won’t thank you when you lose a leg or have a stroke or go blind, Do you think they will care???

Of course enforcing the ADA in the UK will be a little bit of a problem.

Yes UK but the equality act is being breached and i am fighting to get this recognised as a disability as we speak. The assumption all go into Diabetes wake up pee alot drink alot is just plain stupid. Some like me go in aggressive stages not being rude but as women age they have the cycle slow down to contend with which impacts severley on diabetes. I am still un diagnosed as to type and treatment is slow in the coming but my employer thinks i should just “Get Fixed” well it simply does not work like that.

Obviously, you’re a great person, because you feel compelled to put the needs of others ahead of your own. That’s a wonderful quality in a person, but it can cause problems for you when it goes to an extreme. I don’t want to see you jeopardize your health for the sake of helping others. I think you need to do it for yourself. It will take some time to get used to the idea of taking a minute or two for yourself while others wait, but hopefully you can do it:)

The best thing you can do is make your condition as much as a priority as work is. My co-workers are aware of my condition and I have had plenty of customers see me check my blood glucose. You would be surprised how many people are very understanding. At best it takes a few seconds of your time, which you will have to make time for. Your boss will also need to know, because it will give them a better understanding of your momentary absences and so forth. As far as insulin is concerned get a pump! A pump literally turned my world around. It made everything so much more flexible. It is also so much quicker. It takes less than a minute for me to check my BG and give insulin via pump. Not to mention it is very discreet. Finally, when it comes to eating keep tons of healthy snacks on hand. I never give my self insulin at work till after I am done eating, because I am constantly interrupted. With the high stress if you had a pump you can run a higher temporary basal rate. This has helped a lot for me. I hope you consider the pump.

As for Doctor’s appointments if you miss a partial day once every four months or so that is not a biggie. You just need to communicate with your boss. If he/she doesn’t understand well then to be blunt it is discrimination on their part if they refuse to be flexible. Diabetes is considered a disability under the ADAAA (American with disabilities Amendment acts).

Good Luck!

Set up “appointments” on your calendar for testing, eating, etc. I have found this works great for me because I can get so busy into my work I forget to take breaks. There is also software that you can get that has “ergo” breaks to install on your computer. When you take your ergo break you can test, etc.