Job Loss

I had loss my job, was forced to resign on Thursday July 30, 2009 and lost my insurance on the same day. Two days before I was to refill my medications. I had just bought a home, now faced with loosing it, I have nothing in savings, have about 3 days left of insulin in my pump, trying to apply for jobs just finding a stump on how to revise and do my resume, looking at bills that need to be paid, including my car payment, house payment. I’m afraid to lose everything. Everyone around me is telling to calm down and take it one day at a time. I’m looking at just losing at all that I have worked for. I’m crying continiously as when I lost my mother. Feel that I have lost everything that I have. Went to Social Services, because I was on Social Securty awhile back was deemed disabled, but not now with Social Security, I can’t get benefits for medical assistance through the county. My appointment with social security isn’t till the 28 of August. Applied for unemployment, but afraid they will fight it. I don’t know what to do, I talked to the person whom I bought my home from they told me, you don’t pay you don’t stay, you’ll have to sell it then. The work, my deposit, everything I put into my home will be gone. I’m screwed no matter what way I go. I jst feel like giving up…

If they forced you to resign they have to give you time to consider it. I forget the number of hours but it is several. If they did not give it to you, they fired you in the eyes of the law. The unemployment office should be able to help you. I know they are very understaffed and busy right now, but explain the situation and they should be willing to help at least give you information.

You can do this. If you think you will lose the house sell it before it drags you down. Many banks are willing to work with you right now. Offer a reduced payment with increased payment starting 6 months after you are employed. You can even offer 1/4 the normal payment. It takes them months to sell a house and it is usually a losing proposition.

Fargo is going to be tough, they haven’t felt the true sting of the recession. But network admin should be doable. My old doc at Meritcare worked with me before with meds, call your doc Monday. We left Fargo 6 years ago. Let me know if you still need supplies and I will see what I can do, I will be in town there Friday or Saturday. I don’t have huge stores of supplies but maybe enough to buy you a little time. Post to my page, I’ll be watching.

Good luck!

Chadd I am so sorry for your pain. The folks who have posted have offered some good advice…I would just add, do not give up:) and prioritize your diabetes. I know what it is like to lose a job and insurance…and the frustration of trying to just stay on top of everything. Talk w/ any family that you have…reach out and ask for help. Ask your doc for insulin…they always have some in the office given to them by the pharm companies. Then apply for patient assistance for insulin, testing supplies, any medications you are on, and maybe even pump supplies. It usually takes weeks to come through…, but you will qualify and get it in the works. Ask for at least 2 months of supplies from your doctor and you will need them to fill out part of the paperwork. Make that call Monday:) google “patient assistance programs” and your specific insulin manufacturer/test strip suppliers info and you will find most of the forms online…or call their 1-800# to get the info sent to you. Once you don’t feel like you are going to die from lack of diabetes treatment…you will be able to think more clearly about everything else…job, house, payments, etc. Check w/ consumer credit couseling to help get payments reduced and managable…maybe on hold until you get a new job. Sounds like you may need to sell the house…but, that is not the end of the world:) it is happening to so many people right now…just know you will be able to make a fresh start and having money to stay well is the priority. Take care Chadd and know we are all thinking of you:) It WILL get better when you make some calls and get your meds, etc. squared away. If you need cheap pump supplies or even some diabetes management stuff…check Craig’s List…it helped me greatly.

Chadd…here are the links for a few of the PAP for diabetes testing supplies and insulin:

Patient Assitance Program - Abbott (test strips, meters, etc.)

Patient Assistance phone numbers for major corps and their meds/strips

Do not forget that you can get many blood pressure/diabetes meds on reduced priced generics lists at KMart, Wal-mart, Walgreens, etc. Switched most of mine to be on the $4/month list…made meds much less expensive. Kmart has the lowest prices on statins.

You might want to check but I think you can get COBRA and keep your old insurance for a time under the law. If you can get COBRA, the Federal Government pays up to 60% of the premiums now. Also, after you are able to establish COBRA, check, there are some companies that will take people with pre-existing conditions but it does cost more.

Chadd are you sure your insurance is gone as of that day? Usually you pay in advance for your insurance and it continues until it is time to pay again. I know insurace can be different from company to company. Without getting to detailed what exactly does “forced to resign” mean? Were you paid when you left? If you voluntarily quit a company you have to wait for your last pay check. If you were fired (and maybe even “forced to resign”) the company must hand you your check as you walk out the door.

Do you attend a church? If you do check with them. Many churches have benevolence funds to help their congregations in times of financial need. They may be able to help you with your diabetes supplies and meds, food, gas, etc. I know from experience that my church helps those in need because they gave me money for insulin on several occasions.

I don’t know if any of this helps. I know how hard it is to lose your home. I lost mine 10 years ago when I got sick and had to retire. But as hard as it may seem right now, it is not the worst thing that can happen. Things will get better. Always remember we are here for you when you need someone to lean on or a shoulder to cry on.

Big Hugs!!!

I lost my job and found a great program through Lilly Cares( They give me a free 3 month supply of my insulin. All you have to do is have you doctor fill out a form and fax it then fax a form every three months for refills and they ship directly to your doctor. Also go to freestyle promise( Its free to join and they give you a card that will get you a free meter and up to $50 off your strips. Hope that helps a little bit. Keep you head up and good luck. Im sure things will get better!!!

Sorry to hear about your situation Chad. I’ve read through the comments, and it looks like you have some good leads to follow up on.

Once you get your D-Ducks in a row, look at Temp/Contract agencies for work. Many of them offer lower cost insurance, also they keep you skills up and the contract may lead to a full time benefitted position. Looking at your page, you appear to be a church going man, see if members of your congregation can help in any way.

I know it’s tough, many of us have been in your position at least once. As for bills, concentrate on the house, then car and utilities, then the rest (of course that’s after you take care of yourself).

Everyone here is will to help out with what we can. I’ll keep my eyes and ears out for NetAdmin work in the Fargo area. I don’t think I can help out much, but I will do what I can. I don’t know your background, but you can pick up some side work work on home systems or small business in the area until something comes along. Just a thought.

Remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m so sorry to hear that, Chadd! What reason did they give you? I thought after your settlement from the drug testing debacle that you couldn’t be fired? You might want to talk to your uncles again. This sounds suspicious. Best of luck to you, hon!

You know, I didn’t think about that until you mentioned it. Chadd, I would recontact your uncle, this does seem really suspicious

Chadd-I wish I had remembered your drug testing issue. I am really hoping you were at Innovis and not Meritcare or I am going to feel like a real heel for my suggestion. I agree that your uncles should be called. Forcing you out after a mere 6 months, sounds fishy, to say the least. The hospital will have spent that time putting together any scrap of bad behavior in your file. They will think they have a good case. But if they did not follow the procedure of letting have x number of hours to think about what they were doing they broke the law and your agreement. (I refer to x because I still don’t remember how many hours they have to give you to think about quiting vs firing.) If nothing else your uncles should be able to get you a big settlement for this as well. I wouldn’t go back to work for them.

I loved the fact your uncles are diabetic as they fought your other case. Remember though you are in charge of your attorneys and control the case. You had mentioned to the hospital admin that your attorneys were in charge of the case not you. Anyway, the hospital has no recourse except to pay since you had an agreement as to the firing/quitting procedure. I think someone in HR is going to lose their job this time. The nerve to try to side step the previous agreement is amazing.

You should really get in touch with your former employer. Pretty sure they HAVE to give you a chance to sign up for COBRA insurance coverage under their plan. With the new Federal government support it is fair;y reasonable for the first time ever.
I know because I was laid off a week before you were on 7/24, and have all of the paperwrk to sign up for COBRA. The charge for is is $280 a month, where it was $200 a month while I worked their.
I just looked it up and here’s what the government website says:
Qualifying Events for Employees:

Chadd- I have been laid off for 6 months, I have a hundred+ resumes out. I have had 2 interviews and got the second job. It isn’t in my old field and only pays 40% of what I had been making but it is better than nothing.

Consider mowing etc… your excerise program. Mental and physical. I got so bored I was making my wife nuts. Like you the worst part is being stuck inside online or what ever looking for new job postings. Anything outside helps. Be careful of the depression monster. I went through a couple months of bad issues with it. I start the new part time job Tues, hopefully it goes well.

Good luck, and good to hear about your log book. 400+ pages is impressive. They will have a hard time fighting that.

Glad to hear you are ok and some things are looking up. It is hard…being unemployed and living w/ diabetes. sounds like you have found some resources and taking care of yourself…glad to here. I have thought of you frequently since your first post. Hang in there…I hope a good job turns up for you. I will echo Mark’s comments…it takes a while. I was downsized from a job of 18 years…professional. I never replaced that job, went back to school and will be doing something else. It is hard…but, try to stay positive and look for new opportunities. Much love and good wishes:)