Insurance loss

My insurance company recently just dropped me and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what I can do to continue to get even a little assistance with my medications. I'm currently unemployed and its kind of hard to pay for medicine with no job..
Any help is appreciated! :)

Hi Kaycee, I hope you can find some resources here

I also ask my doctor for free samples. My endo usually is able to give me a few bottles of insulin.

You should qualify for Medicaid

Not sure where you live but you should be able to qualify for some assistance for health insurance through one of the obamacare marketplaces.

Not sure if this is still an option but when I lost my health insurance I eventually qualified for PCIP - pre-existing condition insurance. I'm not sure the enrollment is still happening but you can probably go on to find out. Your healthcare will likely be able to be subsidized in some way. I also recommend going to insulin companies that you use directly with your situation. Maybe times they can offer low cost or samples to your doctor who can then provide them to you.

Go to the local public aid/assistance office They will have the information for your state/county it has saved me more than once. I hate to see this for another type one but it seems we are being pushed to the fringe of life.

I don't even have an endo anymore since I can't pay for appointments.. :(

My mom owns her own business so I don't qualify.. We've already tried.. Thank you though!

I will look into that! Thank you!

No kidding! The insurance that I did have said that they would pay for my doctor visits and my hospitalizations and they never did! Now we're stuck with about $20,000 worth of medical bills because the company didn't keep their word!