Job Openings - POST THEM HERE

No doubt about it: these are tough economic times. For example, many members that participated in the video chat session this week were unemployed.

An idea came up during the chat was to list job openings for other TuDiabetes members to look into. So let’s use this topic to do just that. If you know of any job opportunities in your area, please list it as follows:

  • Job title
  • Company name (if not confidential)
  • Location (City, State, Country)
  • General industry: i.e. education, healthcare, etc.
  • Responsibilities
  • Skills required
  • How to apply
  • Other information that may be useful.

If you have questions about a job posting, please contact the member who posted it directly by writing on their comment wall or messaging them (if you are friends in TuDiabetes).

This is no Monster or a job site, but we hope this will be useful to those members who are suffering as a result of not having a job during these hard times.

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Patient assistance-related topics in TuDiabetes:

A few uplifting pages around the community:

Great idea!

Hi, I am a fellow diabetic and remembered Manny speaking of this jobs area. I am also have a recruiting business and am doing a search for a Fortune 100 Company. They manufacture fractional and very large motors. They need a Product Development Engineer who has a background in rotational analysis, vibrational analysis and noise analysis. The requirments are that of BSME with 4-8 years prior experience in motors in heavy manufacturing. If anyone is interested please email me at This is a good opportunity and very good money for someone who is willing to be relocated to Mena Arkansas. Their moving package is very good.