Join in the Battle

I’m looking to find those low-carbers, who like me use their diet as a significaant part of their BG control. I’ve gone to war with the British medical establishment and would like to add to my armoury of evidence. I’m heartily tired of the medics who tell type 2s that they should eat carbs at each meal and follow the “healthy balanced diet” that isn’t. I recently contributed to a radio discussion, where a “top diabetologist” said all the usual stuff and made me furious.
I’m trying to get a good journalist involved…
Are you out there? the folks whose condition is kept under good control on minimal medication and restricted carbs. Is there anyone, who can show a marked improvement in their condition as a result of changed diet?


Use Google Groups to find or and find Nicky. She has a live email address. She’s been very active in England, talking to the media and Diabetes UK (or whatever its name is.) She might be able to help you because she’s been battling the UK authorities for years and has done very well with it.

The diabetes forum on healingwell has some very active low carbers. Try posting there.