Worst Diabetic Control Sabateurs are Other Diabetics

Tragically, some people in this community chagrin the excrement out of me, for a variety of reasons.

Something I observe is that a substantial number of people here act as party poopers . . . they are jealous of the success that other people are having caring for diabetes and just because they're struggling with doing things a certain way they want everyone to join in their misery.

The most recent thing I'm becoming aware of is that all these sad-sacks feel that low-carb, or in some cases VERY low carb, is the last way diabetics should be eating, and those of us who choose to should just shut up and keep our excellent A1Cs to ourselves, and/or deal with the fact that we're going to be the subject of huffy screeds.

I don't think ignorant people (because that's what you are when you pass judgment on someone for not following YOUR plan) who know nothing about me or other low-carbers should insinuate that our choice is going to eventually lead to a decrease in quality of life, as compared to theirs.

It's not like avoiding a piece of cake is going to make my fnarking brain fall off. And if it does, that's my own damn business - I don't need some stuck-up nobody telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing.

I hope you plan to delete this blog for the viewing by the general TuD public .Thank you

this could quite possibly do to my comments after you commented on my blog refereing to it being similar to a proana. Please get over it dear. I am not jealous of anyones hba1c but dont accuse other people of ruining their health when the reason you have type II is due to your own lifestyle choices. I never chose to have diabetes, you did. Dont be so selfish to think you know what its like to have diabetes becaus eyours my dear i can promise you ain’t half as bad as type I.

Holly, please take a few minutes to find out a bit more about Type 2 diabetes. For a start you could have a look at Ginger’s video on Type 1/Type 2 which is on the TuD front page.

Type 2 is no more a lifestyle choice than Type 1. Please cure yourself of your shocking ignorance!

I dont have shocking ignorance, but the majority of type 2 is lifestyle induced. That is fact. Let me guess you have type 2 as well?


He should delete the blog why? So his opinions aren’t heard?..