Join me in a TuD Basal-Test-A-Rama! Let's get it done! Now till March 1st

Many of us need to do this…several of us put it off. Why not do it together and cheer each other on?!

The 2011 TuDiabetes Basal-Test-A-Rama will officially start Feb. 12 and end March 1st! We need to do this anyway, why not do it with others and have a little fun in the meantime.

Let us know if you are game and check in often with your progress.

Bring it on!!!

I know I should start with my overnights…but I’m starting with my afternoon rates. And I am starting TODAY!

Ok I suppose I’ll try. I’ve been needing to do some treaking in the PM but I usually put it off till my dr. does it. I will be back later to see how you’ll are doing it.

I’m very interested but prefer trialanderrorseatofmypantsing it to organized testing. I think I’ve just about got it though? Unfortunately MrsAcidRock is making some pancakes and I woke up@ 64 (which is ok w/ me…) so I will have to procrastinate until tomorrow…

with a two week span of time…starting tomorrow works as well.

I have just been putting this off and need to get it done before my next endo appointment. Plus, I’ve been having more lows than I am comfortable with and want to see if it might be my basal settings. (true confession: I nudged most of my basals up a tad a few weeks ago because I had hit one of those stretches that I was running high all the time. I should have been more responsible then and done the basal testing…but didn’t.)

I have a conference in DC the first of March. I’ll be rooming with my boss. Regardless of my room arrangements…I want to get this done and a few things figured out before I go.

I will figure out a good time, probably next weekend though as we’ll be having Valentine’s festivities + tweens hanging around all weekend so this one won’t work. I also had picked up “Pumping Insulin” with an eye towards recalibrating things a bit. I felt like I was perhaps getting a bit carried away running in the 70s most of the time so I figured I’d turn it down a shade. Unfortunately, the result has still been in the 70s but maybe a bit more stable with less shoveling in stuff to stave off hypos? I did the I/C ratios yesterday too. I read “Pumping Insulin” and TLAP before I got my pump but haven’t read them all the way through since then. I loaned TLAP to some friends who’s 14 month old was dx’ed and it came back very usefully highlighted as she’s a veteranarian! I got hugely distracted by Temereaire though…I will figure things out though. I have a race coming up in April and then the training for the big Kahuna will start so it will be very helpful to get my BG organized!! Thanks for the suggestion!!

Good idea to get it done yourself as we went to DC in 2009 and it was tons of walking!!

That is a great idea! I am game. I just did some about a month ago and had everything set right and something is off again. I was actually just thinking I need to do some again so this will help make sure I actually do it!

Won’t it be nice to have this over with and off the “gotta do” list? I’m a little selfish in this post…I knew I needed all the motivation I could muster to even get it started.

Looking forward to updates. I start the btesting at noon today…or that is the plan.

Hour two out of the way. Several more to go.

Started @ noon with a 143 mg/dl. A little high if this was a pre-mail. But a nice number to start a basal test with.

Well, I got one afternoon out of the way. Feels good to make progress.

Started at noon and tested evedry hour. Here are the results:

(Noon: 144 ) (1pm 150) (2pm 119) (3pm 102) (4pm 77) (5pm 65)
I stopped it at five, treated the slight low. My endo always suggest repeating the test before making adjustments. I agree…but hate spending the extra time.

“My endo always suggest repeating the test before making adjustments” is easy for him/ her to say!!!

This is a great idea! I will try and have an early dinner and (light) exercise tonight so I can start with an overnight test … I haven’t done basal testing in ages, so this is long overdue!

I was just thinking about this today as I have constant lows in the late afternoon and I am always anxious to get home after work before the big fall.

Today I was 139 at 3:00 pm and got real sluggish and thought I was going high tested almost two hours later and yikes, 49.

I have tested my afternoon basals before and they were good, but I will try again sometime soon. :slight_smile:

Great idea…but I won’t be participating. I have wonky levels that change with ovulation and menstruation so I have to change my basals every 2 weeks or so anyway!!!

I find this as well, which is why I stopped doing basal tests. It didn’t seem to be helpful when I had to raise/lower my basal rates every few weeks, anyway. Still, I like the idea of doing it as a group so will participate … maybe I’ll learn something new!

Does this sound like procrastinating or what ?? My upgrade, the Veo pump will be delivered soon ; next the training by my Pump Nurse and then… the Basal testing. Could be happening prior to March 1st :slight_smile:

I know this sounds silly, but I really do feel pretty good that I got one strectch of time done.

But here is the question I’ve always wondered about…does anyone else notice that a brand new bottle of insulin is so much more potent?

My next infusion set change will be with a brand new bottle of insulin. (These situations are the very reason that I put off basal testing!! Way tooooooooo many variables!)

A brand new bottle, even a brand newly filled reservoir , a set change …all of these reasons and many more , which will/can make the difference …but maybe NOT a brand new pump !
And good on you Brenda , you have one stretch accomplished …as I remember in the past 2-3 times trying for me .

Too funny. No new pump here.

It may be a few days before I get another stretch done. Oh, well, that is why I set my goal as March 1!!!

Ok, count me in. I’ve actually been doing like one constant ongoing basal test since I started insulin in December, but I’ve not faced up to my real problem. Overnight levels. And the real issue, I appear to have markedly different overnight basal levels after exercise. I need to “man” up and figure this out. Count me in.