Joint issues

I injured my ankles and was told by my physical therapist that diabetics do have stiffer joints. Has anyone heard of this being true? I am trying to figure out if i need to go get checked out for rheumatoid arthritis. Have been told by podiatrist that my joints are really stiff also. Any one else experiencing this?

Hi Tarra,
I don’t know about diabetics in general, but am having major trouble with joints. There are also a number of us who have RA. If you think you have it, i would be sure to get some blood work done. We always come back to blood work don’t we?

My orthopedist told me that diabetics are more prone to frozen joints. I have had surgery on both knees and both shoulders.

Diabetes affects joints and Rheumatoid arthritis has to be ruled out.Please check for bone mass density ( osteoporosis)

I actually was diagnosed with RA at 19 years old and was treated and sadly i stopped taking the medications because i felt better. Then when i injured my ankles a year ago the Rheumatologist im seeing now says i never had it. I had a bone density done in March it came back i have osteopenia . So i am at a loss. I have all the symptoms of RA but the doctor insists i don’t have it even though my mother and great grandmother had it also. Should i seek a second opinion?

I have had 5 “trigger fingers” that needed to be released by surgery and both shoulders “frozen”. Yes Diabetes affects everything including joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, eyes, heart, kidneys…

I wonder what it has done to the economy. It’s all our fault.

I had the frozen shoulders, and one was totally healed with accupuncture, the other I had the surgery. I had severe “tennis elbow” in both elbows, and a combination of cutting down on doing things that aggravated it, and acupuncture healed them, but it took a long time.

They actually did a study on diabetic adolescents which indicated that even young people with diabetes have less joint mobility. I do yoga to help with mobility and circulation. Actually I do it for other reasons but it’s a nice bonus that it’s probably good for my diabetes as well. I’m pretty stiff compared to most of the others in class, but I’d probably be worse off if I didn’t do it.

Oh heck yes…I have had db for 34 years and am, shall we say, “middle-aged”.
In my 20’s and 30’s I had so much natural flexibility that I could walk into most any yoga class and outshine many students. Then, in my 40’s, things changed dramatically. And, when I probably needed yoga the most, I stopped going because I didn’t want to have to try…yeah, I know, pretty self-defeating.
I thinkg db causes inflammation in almost every area of the body, including connecting tissue and blood vessels. Yes, I’ve had frozen shoulders and trigger fingers and carpal tunnel and now have plantar fasciaitis, which is inflammation of the bottom of my foot.
I broke an ankle about 6 years ago and the pt said “oh, diabetics stiffen as they grow older”. Lovely.
I think the answer to minimizing this is good control and being very diligent about stretching every part of your body every day.
And, RA is an autoimmune disease, just as DB is, so, there may be a connection.

Good luck.

I currently have a frozen shoulder (left one) and have had a right side frozen shoulder about 10 years ago… I’ve also had “frozen thumbs” … or “trigger finger”… I am a type 1 diagnosed 36 years ago on insulin shots. There is nothing they can do for it- but in the past it just went away on its own… I’ve tried Orthopedists, physcial therapy, cortizone shots, etc… to no avail. Massage and stress reduction seems to help a little

Not doing yoga because you’re not flexible is like not taking piano lessons because you don’t know how to play the piano! :slight_smile: Besides, a flexible person isn’t necessarily doing yoga better than an inflexible person. It’s far more about integrating the breathe/body/mind than merely achieving a particular posture.

And speaking of yoga I’m about to head to class right now. Look for me in the back… I’m the stiff guy with ugly toenails! :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree. But, heck, when I was in my 20’s I was very impressionable and when people would “wow” over my flexibility I sucked it in like an ice cold diet Pepsi on a hot summer day. Then in my 30’s I began to “get” what yoga was all about.

This is my second round of frozen shoulder in a year. This one’s involved my elbow- which I think hurts worse than the shoulder!
The PT told me yesterday that she didn’t think I was improving. I can’t do the steroids (talk about the MEGA-BITCH FROM THE BOWELS OF HELL), and they haven’t even suggested massage therapy. I know all PTs are sadists at heart- but they could do something that feels good every once in a while! :slight_smile:
I go back to the ortho next Thursday. I’m going to ask him to just knock me out and manipulate the shoulder. If he won’t , I’ll find someone who will. I can’t even sleep at night, and I’ve had to break into my stash of pain meds. I’ve gotten tons of crap for post-surgical pain and didn’t take over a couple of day’s worth, but this hurts. ( Yeah, I know- I’ve got the crying towel at the ready).

Irascible curmudgeon - I love it. Maybe you have noticed things not “getting better”, but perhaps if you hadn’d been doing the stretches it would be a lot worse. …sigh. I think PT’s, in general, are always frustrated because some of the patients don’t do the therapy they have assigned. And, the one who was helping with my ankle kept saying that my feet were “soft and silky smooth”…go figure.

That was excellent. CURMUDGEON !!! I loved it. !!! Thank you.
Thank you too. I always love your sense of humor

You guys have made my day !!!

Tarra i think this will help you out It is some scary facts about all diabetics of all races and genders and ages and feet.

I was experiencing joint pain in so many different parts of my body that the light bulb finally went on. What are the chances of having frozen shoulder, inflamed knees, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciaitis, AND tennis elbow? I started to see that everything was connected. I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis and that was negative. My doctor believes that I have low level inflammation and probably psoriatic arthritis.I have psoriasis, hypothyroid and LADA- all autoimmune conditions- plus high blood pressure, also caused by inflammation. I take a high dose of fish oil and got tested for food allergies. I have antibodies to gluten grains, rice, corn, whey and chocolate. Sigh. Since changing my diet (again!) the joint pain is much less and I’m hoping for even more relief once I eliminate all dairy. Anyone else tried an anti-inflammatory diet? By the way, I just discovered coconut flour- low carb, high fiber and gluten free. I just enjoyed some delicious strawberry crepes.

Libby…So sorry about the chocolate. WHEN is that cookbook coming out???

You know, for quite some time now I’ve felt that I had multiple allergies/sensitivities, etc. but never tried any of the “elimination” diets.
Since I am middle-aged, it’s sort of convenient to blame the advancing years for my aches and pains, plus the fact that I carry extra weight can’t help my knees and PF problems.
Several people have mentioned fish oil and I actually have a bottle of capsules in the frig that I’ve never opened.

Hi Libby,
I have missed seeing you on here and was thinking about leaving you a message to check and see how you were doing. I have used coconut flour a number of times and love it. Have you used coconut oil which is a solid by the way? You can get the coconut ground in different shred sizes too. I have a finer and coarser grind. They both work great. And if you are going gluten free be sure to watch your baking powder too.
I am truly sorry about the inflammatin and arthritis. Hope you are feeling better soon.