Joslin Medalist Study / Update, 2010

I participated in the Joslin Medalist Study on Dec 1, 2009. The study involves an attempt to determine why a significant number of Type 1 diabetics have lived 50 years or more and have no serious complications. If the factors can be found that account for the good health of these long term Type 1 diabetics, then a treatment may be devised so that young and more recently diagnosed Type 1 diabetics can live long lives without complications. More than 550 diabetics have been examined thus far.

The most recent update (2010) of this study is contained in the link below.

Very interesting that veteran type 1 still have some pancreatic action.

Thanks for posting. I was wondering about the results & thought it might take longer to compile all the data.

It’s great to read ,that one of our TuD members , such as you Richard ( who has written a book about living with diabetes for 64 years !!) is involved in the study
And thanks for sharing .

Gerri, the study is ongoing. It will tenatively end in April, 2011, but there is a chance that another grant will enable the study to continue beyond that date.

I hope there’s another grant. Far too much to be learned, thanks to you & the other participants,