The Most Recent Report From The Joslin Medalist Study

I participated in this Study in Dec, 2009. I have followed their progress very closely. The Study is scheduled to end in April of 2011. As many as 750 type 1 diabetics will have participated. All participants have had type 1 for at least 50 years, and have no serious complications. It is hoped that the factor(s) will be found that have enabled these individuals to have long lives without serious problems.

Here is the most recent report from the Joslin Diabetes Center, in Boston:

A while ago I read a study that showed that 67% of Type 1s in this study have some measurable insulin production. I thought that the study was including ALL diabetics whether or not they had complications, but this isn’t the case from what you say … Does this mean having some small measure of insulin production could be part of why these people don’t develop complications?

I have had Type 1 for 19 years and so far no complications … let’s hope I’m still there when I’m 59 and hit my 50-year mark!

Yes Jennifer, that is the understanding that I have at this time. Even in Dec 2009, the coordinator of the Study told me that some of the participants were producing some of their own insulin. They were thinking that could be a reason for them being so healthy now. Then there is another group who produce no insulin, like me. We have no serious complications either. There has to be a reason, other than insulin production, for the good health of this group. I hope they can find that reason.

I was surprised the percent was 64% or 67% or something. It seemed extremely high to me. I also wondered what “insulin production” meant; was it just “barely measurable” or was it substantial enough to make a difference.

The C-peptides that were being measured were in the neighborhood of 0.6, which is a very small amount. You might even call it “barely measurable”. They were still thinking that might mean there is just enough insulin to help to help protect against complications. My C-peptide was less than 0.1. I was very disappointed, but…here I am, no complications, after 65 years of T1D. Go figure. Lol!

Fascinating Information Richard… thanks for sharing!!!
God Bless
Type one 42 years

Makes me wonder whether I produce any insulin. LOL!