Just a poem

Carry ON At times when you feel troubled. When your Happiness IS GONE. LOOK to the heart within you. for the STRENGTH to carry on. In your heart you will find Special virtues, Such as Faith,hope and LOVE! These gifts have been sent down to you from a Power up above. It is love that HEALS the Spirit. making it stronger than before,AND if your heart be Broken IF YOUR strength SHOULD FADE away the power of thease virtues will still win out the day, So remember when your in TROUBLED when your HAPPINESS is gone look to the HEART WITHIN YOU, for the STRENGTH TO CARRY ON…Tom Krause

Thank you for sharing this poem!


For Hope is what keeps you going
when things look most bleak

And Faith is a knowing…
and absolute belief

But there is definetly an Action
That flows down from above
You see… this must be given away to work
A shared and cherished…Love

Sorry, I just had to keep going…You inspired me…
Your Poem was beautiful…

I’m with Debb. Thanks for the inspiration. I needed it this morning unexplainable highs this morning bummer.