Hope in the face of uncertain and unfortunate circumstances

Even if 09 showed it’s ugly face early for me, I take it as a sign of sorts.
That ugly face was the Lilly Cares Program denying me Humalog insulin.
Ya know, that pesky hormone I NEED to sustain life? Yeah, that. Denied. I make too much money.
(details on my blog)

I embarked on my latest journey in life when I lost my last job in 07 and decided to really mix it up and work from home. Along the way I met the Associate Manager at my local ADA. My savior of sanity, all things diabetes related and found a true and amazing friend. I then started volunteering and advocating.
Deep down I know this is my True passion.
But for now, I gotta support my simple life, with a job, some income. And somehow find a way to get the things I need.
In the meantime, I gotta start somewhere. That somewhere may bring me to local officials. It may bring me one day to State officials.
And maybe, one day, I will live my dream of helping others. Maybe even full time. :wink:

I have been knocked around and down, time and time again.
Yet somehow, hope lives within me.
I don’t want to figure it out, it is a waste of energy and time.
I just know that it exists in me.
I can’t give up.
Some days I get dark, the darkness surrounds me but I can’t give up.
I don’t know how.

So here’s to Hope in 09.
May it always live within me. May it possibly bring me some peace.

I pray that 09 brings you peace, strength and serenity!

Andrea B.