Just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 1 week ago :(

i am 28 years old and have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 1 week ago. i have two children and had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies but was controlled with diet only. I had a feeling that i had developed diabetes but just wasnt quiet ready to hear that i had it. i guess thats part of denial.i am taking 500mg of metformin twice a day at meals.this past week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. i dont want to feel sorry for myself and let this get me down but i can imagine that this must be hard for everyone at the begining.i am overwieght and am concidering the lapband has this procedure been sucessful for anyone?

Welcome to TU ms chelle. You came to the right place and hope you can find some support here. The feelings at diagnosis can be hard and difficult and it takes time to work through these feelings. Fear not though this is not the end but a change and you will learn alot as you go forward. Ask any questions and someone on the board will respond.

As to the lap band surgery I cant help you there. Have you considered going low carb? You may want to learn all you can about that before this type of surgery. As a Type 2 you are addicted to carbs, (we all are) and you will find that making some changes in diet can loose the weight. There are a couple of groups here that can help you for support. Here are the links.


Look into joining these groups. There are fine people in them that can give a hand.

Take care.

thank u so much for making me feel right at home! i feel that support like this can really get me through.

Hi ms.chelle. :slight_smile: While I am sorry to have to welcome you to our community under these circumstances (getting diagnosed with a disease), I still want to welcome you to our community! :slight_smile: You will never get another disease with a nicer bunch of people than in here. lol :slight_smile:

I just want to say to you that it’s okay! :slight_smile: Don’t over-worry too much. I am also young. I’m only 33, and I was diagnosed last November 17th… just 6 days after my birthday! Talk about a bad birthday. lol I was also very overweight when I was diagnosed, primarily because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or PCOS) which makes a woman pack on pounds like nobody’s business. I was weighing about 248 lbs, and I’m only 4’9. But I decided at that time that I could take control… and not only for the momentary goal of losing weight, but also for gaining control of my blood sugars, and so I decided to really believe in myself, because I know I can do it, and to find ways that I can embrace making a change for LIFE, because really, this is a marathon, and not a sprint. Whatever change we make has to be something we feel, in our heart and mind, we can commit to do for life.

I don’t know if they explained much to you at the Doctor’s office about what Diabetes is, but basically, Diabetes is just the body’s inability to process and deal with glucose, either because the pancreas has stopped producing insulin, or because that insulin has become ineffective (insulin resistance). The body’s inability to process and deal with glucose leaves us without energy because glucose is fuel. And that fuel, or glucose, comes from ALL the food that we consume in our every day lives… 98% comes from carbohydrates, 58% comes from protein, and about 10% from fats. So, ALL of our foods give us glucose, to one degree or another, and not just sweets, or candy, like most people seem to think. Sugar/sweets/candy are just another form of carbohydrate. So… what we really ought to watch out for, is their portion size (sweets included) :slight_smile: With your glucose meter, and testing regularly pre and post meals, you can discover just how many carbohydrates you can have at meals, and which portion size of them is right for you. :slight_smile: Make sense?

Now is just the time, to be a little detective, and discover what meals can do to you, which ones will spike you way too much and which ones you ought to just reduce their serving size. Also, morning time seems to make people even more sensitive to carbohydrates and insulin resistant some times. Just take it all ONE day at a time… and take baby steps. Try to have more lean meats, salads, non-starchy veggies, nuts/seeds and Omega 3 fats, until you have stabilized your blood sugars more, and avoid big carbohydrate items like breads, pastas, rices, potatoes and other big starchy items, like corn, etc. Once your blood sugars are under control, you can add a few more carbs in sensible portions, if you so want to, and see how they may affect you with your glucose meter.

So many of us have been through this journey, just like you… and we know that if we were able to do it, so can you. I’ve already lost about 70 lbs, myself. So take a deep breath, don’t worry too much, and know that everything’s going to be alright… okay? We can do this, together. :slight_smile:

wow u made me feel alot better! u pointed out very good tip and gave me hope! i am also 248lb at the moment but im 5’8 and i really want to try hard to loose the weight on my own. my dr suggested thet lap band and that it is sucessful but i am a lil scared to rush into anything. i would like to try on my own first. thanks so much for your support!