Lap Band

Anyone contemplating the Lap Band surgery? I have tried and tried to lose the weight I am holding onto but I haven’t seen results… I have tried WW and found that the meals they recommend have lots of carbs…I was low-carbing for 2 months and lost 3 pounds which just made me give up…I exercise 3-4 times a week…I am just tired of dealing with this weight!!

Oh and I guess it would help to say I am Type 1, for over 30 years (diagnosed at 10 months old) and am on the Omnipod

OH, Kristy, I can relate so well to what you are telling us! I had over 100 lbs to lose when I was diagnosed, and it has been a tough journey of about three years since I started to really put my mind and heart and soul into it. I am a devoted WW person, BUT you are right there are a lot of carbs there, and what I had to do was take my points (or whatever) and convert them to the foods that I could eat. Basically adjusting the plan to what I could eat, and using the weigh ins and support portion of the program. It has been a revelation. I have lost 60 lbs, and will get to the 100 mark sooner than I ever thought I could. Have you counted carbs? I started at 145 carbs a day, then went to 125 then 110 and now am at 100 carbs per day. It’s not easy, but the exercise and careful choices help a lot. I"m not infavor of lapband or bypass unless you have over 100+ lbs to lose and have gone through everything in the world, not just impatience, to get the weight off. What does your doc or CDE say about your weight loss? Have you been to a nutrition person or dietican? They can be a great help. The easy way out (which remember this is surgery) is not always the best, it still takes determination and cutting back your eating. If you don’t you’ve wasted money and energy for nothing. I know you can do this, but maybe some more investigation would be better.

I think my problem with trying to lose the weight is that I get frustrated when I don’t see results and I give up. Also I go extremly strict on the carbs limiting my daily carb intake to 30-40…I see 2-3 lb loss the first week or two and then nothing, then I practicly binge on carbs! I have talked with my endo more times than I can count regarding my weight, his answer is always the same…lets work on the bs THEN we will work on the weight but we are ALWAYS working on the bs and the weight goes up and up and up! I work in an office with 40 women and about 5 of them have had the lap band and are all losing weight and loving life. I feel with my bmi at almost 35 ( 5’4 198 lbs) I am a good candidate I am just really really worried about what will happen with my diabetes. Maybe I will try WW again and really put some effort into it…thanks for sharing with me , it really helps to get motivated and inspired when you know there are other people in the same boat!!!

I don’t have an answer really but…I thought I would share that my aunt got the Lap Band surgery…due to her fear of developing type 2 diabetes. Now, she has been very successful with her new lifestyle. BUT even know her stomach is tiny she is still not making the “right” food choices 100% of the time. She ends up getting ill almost everyday due to what she has eaten. It has it’s pros and cons. Just be careful.

I would say nay.

You have to change your lifestyle eating habits first and formost (and you mind set) or it will not do any good.

I tried LC a few years ago and couldn’t do it (fell of the wagon). I have been on WW, lost weight and gained it back after a few years. Was diagnosed w/Type 2 in 7/10. Went back to WW right before they came out with the “new” program. I can not do WW, I can’t eat all of the fruit I want. Wasn’t working for me, was gaining weight AND I was having a hard time controlling my BS.

I started LC in 2/11 and have lost 15 lbs. I have 85 more to go. This time around, my mind is different. I know that I didn’t gain these lbs overnight and it is going to take me a while to get them off. I will probably have set backs, but I will win. I have found alternatives for things like bread (MIM, oopsie buns & califlower pizza crust). I have NO problem leaving those chips alone. I can do pork rinds instead or jicama. The ONLY thing I really cheat with is my alcohol (and I am still losing weight, maybe not so fast, but I am still losing).

I know someone who did lapband, but didn’t change their eating lifestyle. Sure they lost some weight at first, but after about 75lbs, it stopped even though they did the treadmill.

You will find different things work for different people. This day and age the resources (forums and blogs) are so much greater than when I first did LC. The support from people that you don’t know and that came from where you are. I got the book The New Atkins For A New You and plan on getting Dr. Bernsteins book. I have learned so much from the people on this forum and Atkins forum. I read their stories and get so much confidence that I can do it too!!!

Depends on how much you have to lose. I know that once I get closer to goal it’s going to get tougher. You might not have that much to lose, so it might be harder for you.

I wish you the best.