Just Found Out My Friend's Daughter was Diagnosed Type 1

Hey everyone,

I just found out that a long time friend of mine has a daughter just turned 15 and spent her birthday in the hospital and was diagnosed Type 1. Neither my friend nor his wife are diabetic themselves and are freaked out. This may ruin all future birthdays for his daughter since she will look back and be reminded of her diagnosis…I am glad my diagnosis was not on my birthday.

well at least she doesn’t have to get all bummed out over christmas. I was diagnosed the day after christmas in 89.

What a birthday present:( Hope she’s doing ok now. Was a shock to my family also because no one is diabetic.

Sorry to hear about this. The diagnosis is never easy. You should recommend that they join TuDiabetes. It will help to talk to other parents. And we have a lot of awesome teens in our community that can help to show their daughter that she can live an awesome life WITH diabetes!!

Also, many of us celebrate our diagnosis day!! (Our D-anniversary) I actually look forward to it and always do something to celebrate living another year with diabetes!

I do something good for myself on my diagnosis date, which is my husband’s birthday. She can turn this into a positive, and recognize she’s probably healthier than she’d be otherwise. It breaks my heart to hear anyone being diagnosed, especially someone young. Hopefully they’ll get connected with their local JDRF and educate themselves on this disease and living with it. Best of luck to them!

A diagnosis of D is never easy. No matter when or at what age. I am sorry this happened to your friend’s daughter. Like Kristin, I celebrate my D day. It will be 25 yrs this week. I’m just so glad to be alive and surrounded by so many wonderful folks. It really does become a time to celebrate.

I spent my 13th birthday in the hospital too, way back a long time ago. I hope your friends will join our family here, we are a caring and supportive community.

I was diagnosed on my 30th, and like that young lady, nobody in my family has it either.

Well, mine was the day before my 22nd birthday. Pretty rough stuff - not saying so to ‘compare wounds’ and see who is tougher, but I can tell you that it was a pretty depressing time.

I had to leave my job because of diabetes (military), relocation plans, career changes, the works. But if I could go back and change that one thing (the diabetes), I wouldn’t, because I’m the happiest I’ve ever been here and now. Life has a funny way of working itself out.