Diabetes d(x) anniversary

I was wondering what everyone does to celebrate/acknowledge the anniversary of their diagnosis. I know it was particularly emotional the day that marked my turning
point from a life “more diabetic” than not. (I was diagnosed when I
was 10 so there is a memorable before and after for me.) To me, the d(x) anniversary is a more important day of the year than my birthday, but I am never sure how to share it with other people or explain it to them. There certainly aren’t any societal norms to follow. I was thinking about using it a good reason for advocacy/awareness by baking something and asking for donations (of course, fielding all sorts of “how ironic” comments from people :]) for a diabetes-related organization, but that almost de-personalizes the significance of the date to me.

Open for suggestions…


Hi Alyssa,

I haven’t had my first anniversary yet. I was diagnosed at 31, so I definitely remember life before dx! I was thinking about eating a giant cupcake or something as an f-you to diabetes, but the advocacy/fundraising idea would probably be more productive, with fewer consequences :slight_smile:

Hi Alyssa,
I usually do something on my Dx anniverssary. I was diagnosed at 11, and next month makes 12 years for me. Im lucky enough to have someone to share with this, and we tend to cook a really nice meal (last year we had crab, mussels, fish and vegetables… Mmmmm!) Ive usually left it at that, just to cheer myself up.
I like your idea for fund raising/advocacy though! I say go for it.


On my D anniversary, I am just happy for another year. Oh, I was already doing that on my birthday. The reason is I am not so young anymore. I was dx’ed type 1, 1 1/2 years ago at 52, just a little older. LOL

I try to do something nice for myself, either buy myself something I’ve been wanting (not too expensive, but its my way ot justifying it), get a massage, have lunch with my best friend, whatever will take care of me on that day. Diagnosis day also happens to be my husband’s birthday, so I acknowledge my day by myself. It will be 14 years this year, I was diagnosed at 28, and I need to think about what I might want. I do remind myself of how I’m fortunate, I’ve had 3 children since being diagnosed and they are all healthy and happy.

I’ve never observed that day…it was so long ago.

I’ve only been diabetic T1 for a little over two years, having been diagnosed at 33. On my dx date, I take a deep breath, try not to cry and remind myself how things have changed for the better as a result of my dx.

I never celebrated mine til I got here! All I can say is my oldest (21) was born on my dx date and I ignored that date for about 43 years. I celebreated her b-day though… When I got here with Manny,Scott and the rest I put down that date down and now it seems so special to me! My cousion said (back when I turned 30 and she was 40) that she was just happy to live another day. She like me took Type 1 at 10, 10 years before me, I took it in 73 and she took it way back in the year I was born 63! Now I look at it as another day of I can make it and will. Look at how much tecolongy has changed in the past 40 years!

we just celebrated my son’s 1 year anniversary. we found out that he is type 1 on valentine’s day last year. this year we decided to have a party for him. not to celebrate the D, but to celebrate his courage and how well he has handled all the changes in his life. for us it was a way to give him a little benefit with all he has to deal with. he was happy to swim and eat cake with his friends (we rented the pool and waterslide at the super 8:). we also had a diabetes quiz (with prizes) as a fun way to educate his friends about his diabetes. he is only 5, but i think we will celebrate this day as long as he would like to, maybe when he is older he will decide not to and that will be fine too:)

I don’t celebrate the day I got diagnosed…but I celebrate another year of healthy-happy living and the opportunity to do it another year =) To which I often treat myself to something nice…

I don’t know the date. It was spring of 1970 so I’m coming on 40 years now. I’ve never seen any reason to celebrate. I am, at this point in my life, amazed at how well I’m doing after all of these years and tired of dealing with this every day and night.

Oh…so sorry you feel that way Dena. 40 years and doing well… maybe something to celebrate about? Indeed…we have our moments. I wish you well =)

Tracy, That is a very cute way to educate his friends!! When I was diagnosed, I was lucky enough to have a friend who at least knew “high” and “low” and what that meant, and another friend who’s mom was a nurse… my parents were super freaked out to let me stay overnight with friends the first year.
As I got older I was fortunate enough to find a boyfriend who has learned all about diabetes just for me.

Its great that at this young age he is getting positive reinforcements - it will likely help him cope when get gets older and in the grips of “this sucks”! But the quiz idea - brilliant!! Did the parents join in as well? How did it go?

I’ve only had T1 for 5 years. For the first 4 years I watched the calendar and around the anniversary date I thought a lot about my condition. I’d go into deep introspection, write deep and meaningful (I thought) posts on diabetes sites, wring my hands and gnash my teeth.

I forgot my “anniversary” this year. And I’m better for it.

Hi Dena-

I think it’s the tiredness of dealing with it that I want to reject by celebrating the anniversary. Somehow give myself credit or do something tangible for all the hard work it takes. It’s so easy to get bogged down with all the inconveniences of diabetes so for one, intentional day I want to pat myself on the back and sort of raise awareness to those around me of what it takes–not in a pity way, but more of an educational/philosophical way, if that makes any sense. I’m not sure about it all, which is why I wanted to poll the crowd. :]

I have had T1D for coming on 12 years now- diagnosed at 14. I typically take the day off from work and spend a lot of time resting and walking and soaking up the cool air outside, going hiking, or something. Last year, I went to a small town neighboring where there are a lot of little shops, and my fiance and I walked away the whole day. He took care of testing my BG for me and last year was the first time that I REALLY starting taking my shots in public. Last anniversary, I decided that I wasnt going to be afraid to show people what I have to deal with anymore. I inject in front of anyone now, and if it makes them uncomfortable, they can look away.

So, last D anniversary, I took charge of my D life and have been working really really hard to put my body first, before anyone else’s feelings.

I typically will write a poem or an article on my D day too. To kind of keep myself focused on what I’ve been through the previous year (happy, sad, angry, complacent, etc) and to reflect on how far I’ve come each year.

As for advocating, I was coming up with some inventions this past week that I think would make a D life a little more… enjoyable. Won’t cure us, but might make us smile once in a while. We’ll see how it turns out.

Congratulations to another year Alyssa!

When I was a kid, my presents would buy me a present. Just one small thing, and they’d give me a card too. Nowadays, I just go out to a nice dinner with my boyfriend.

I actually don’t know the date of my diagnosis just the month and year…Also before coming to this site I never thought about it except when asked about my med history at appts. This year I looked at as a special new year’s for D…so setting new goals/reviewing the past year (similar to what Marps was talking about) and a kind of celebration for what I accomplished in the past year (rather than the diagnosis)… Personally I feel that if you want to celebrate, I think it better to use your time that day to recharge yourself for the rest of the year and then using your renewed energy/enthusiasm the rest of the year for advocacy (like on Nov. 14th)

For my first anniverserary I wrote a blog about what I had learned in the hope that it would make the beginning for someone else a bit easier to deal with.

It’s nice you guys can look at this disease in that way. There was another post asking the same thing and It’s never ever crossed my mind to celebrate getting a chronic disease! And I can’t think of any other disease where I would celebrate getting it, the whole thing seems kind of weird. It’s been 36 years, and the only reason I remember the day is because it was the day after Christmas. I save my celebrations for birthdays (that could be another year down with Diabetes I suppose) anniversaries, holidays, and other fun things! The fact I have to “think” about this every, single, frickin day is enough for me! I guess the feeling would be thankful before celebatory. As far as re charging and renewing, every time I see my Endo, I use that to recharge myself, and get back into the swing.