Just getting to me

Well it’s been about 1 1/2 years ago, I had to start wearing what I call diabetes glasses. I wake up, check my bs, go to eat, driving and so many more parts of my life looking thru diabetes glasses. After 50 plus years without the glasses, this new life really is not fun. Diabetes effects so many parts of me. It’s hard being an old dog learning new tricks.LOL I just been pissed at diabetes, can’t eat, sleep and etc… without it in my mind, so much sometimes. I DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT!!!

We don’t always get what we want…and old dogs can learn new tricks. Although I’ve lived with Diabetes most of my life I welcome any new experiences that can enrich my life. I’m in my late 60s but in my late 50s I learned how to finally control/manage this disease after, at that time 40 years of life with it. When I was about 56 I learned tighter control and also how to use an insulin pump (I welcomed the change). With more information you can live the rest of your life in good health.

My hat is off to you, type 1’s like you give me so much hope. I do have a head start, if I go 40 years I’ll be 94 LOL All I was pretty much saying being type 1 is a major grind, for that matter any type is a grind!!! I have learned new tricks, as a matter of fact I’ve learned so much. My health is better after dx. than before for sure. My control is good my last a1c was 6.8 on mdi. Being a newbie I am just getting worn down. I make a sandwich and start to eat and then go Oh,yea I have to dose for this, that’s what’s bugging me those stupid diabetes glasses.

Keith, I have had two 10 year old beagles in my life, and a 15 year old mutt. They all three learned some tricks before the went over the Rainbow Bridge. Some were good tricks, some were bad, but they learned them. You will too. I agree these diabetic glasses can be horrible fitting some days, and other days, it’s just life. Taking it one day at a time, keeping track one day at a time, one minute if that’s all you can do, is a great way to get those tricks down. You are allowed to mess up, but, not too often. You don’t have to like it, you can hate it…most of us do at some point. I never heard of anyone walking into a store or cafe and ordering a cup of diabetes, because it was the best thing on the menu of life. But there are worse things. So, take it easy, take it one testing at a time, one meal at a time. and soon it will be just part of you…I promise.

I am getting use to it. It’s just after 50+ years this is quite a change.LOL

Know you feel because I was diagnosed T1 in my 50’s, too. It still feels somewhat surreal. I’ve decided that I can’t waste precious time & energy rallying against it. It’s a new chapter, albeit an unexpected & not welcome one, but I’m trying to play the cards I’ve been dealt the best I can. Yea, it sucks for all of us. Glad we’ve got each other to lean on!

I don’t really know what it’s like for you since I was one of those diagnosed when young…I’m kind of envious that you lived so long w/o having to deal with it…one of the most depressing things I was told by an endo was that I should think about the fact that at 13 D is something that will never go away and i’ll have to keep doing this if I wanted to live to 70s…but on the flip side I do think that makes it so much harder to adjust to it

Whether diagnosed at a young or older age though, once you’ve experienced it for a bit, it’s a common complaint to want to take a vacation or at least have one day where you didn’t have to think about D at all!

Having it longer doesn’t make the D-thoughts go awaybut it does give one more time to make it routine…I still have times when I forget if I bolused/injected Lantus or just thought I did…because I’ve done it so many times…its hard to distinguish the exact memory even if it was just five minutes ago…one reason to get a pump if you can afford to :slight_smile:

One of the things that has really helped me is coming here and seeing so many others who can experience the same frustration and vicariously venting through others posts too! also just thinking about it one day at time is easiest…once I start thinking about how it’s always there…it gets depressing :wink:

Xanth?? wait a minute I know that name curious?? from Piers A.??? OK Xanthasun you sound like a really smart person. And we are all the same and different sharing a common bond and supporting each other.

hi, Keith, it gets to me too, and I’ve had it 42 years. I have a major meltdown about once a year. I always find my friends here at TuDiabetes help me back up when the d trips me up. For a somewhat lighthearted look at diabetes “glasses” look at Bill’s video - here

There was probably an influence from Piers Anthony and other fantasy/scifi sources but not sure…since it’s a name I’ve used online since the late 90s…