Just got a pop up message about "new user" and "spam"

haven’t seen that message before when posting. it said that newer users have their posts checked for spam and that my post would appear “shortly”. however, it appeared immediately. what’s up?

got it again.
Newer users of this forum need to have their posts checked for spam. Your post should appear shortly.

You have 1 post pending.


very irritating!

we got another report on that and we are working on it

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And just so everyone knows, Discourse has a a new plugin called Akismet which is very powerful tool to reduce spamming of the forum. It is set up so that new users automatically have their posts scanned before being posted. Unfortunately now that it has been turned on it is considered all old users as “new” and that is why we are getting these messages. As @MarieB said this is being looked at and we have requested all our old users actually be old users.


I spoke to the team about this change, and we decided that we agree with all of you. It’s not good. We’re going to get rid of that popup message. Posts will still be scanned, but we will be optimistic and assume that posts are fine. Only if we detect spam will they be removed. So you shouldn’t notice that the scan is even happening.


Two questions pop to mind.

First, if one of “our” posts does get removed, will we be notified in some way?

Second, what thresholds is this tool set up with? In particular how “long” do you need to have been around for Akismet to recognize you as more of a friend than a possible rogue?

Thanks, no longer getting that pop-up message.