Just got approved to pump, scared and excited

That's awesome. LOL yes what color did you get? Mine's the minimed Revel, but it's pink, lol. When do you start training. Took no time to get the pump but the CDE at my Endo's office was on vacation around the time I got it and then she was booked for a couple of weeks so I go Tues, Im so ready to get started.

Congrats, PCQ! Awesome news. Remember to be patient with yourself--it does take work and trial and effort to get things right, but it is SO worth it.

Yesterday was my pump start. I had been excited when it first arrived, but began to be a bit anxious as start day came close, even though my husband and I had both read the materials and i’d done the online tutorials as well. I can’t believe how much easier it is! My first challenge will be the first infusion set change, probably tomorrow evening, but I was amazed that the cannula insertion was totally painless yesterday. I’m using the Minimed 723 with Quickset infusion set, chosen because it’s my endo’s preference, after considering the others. It’s not the sort of thing where i’d want to have something different from everyone else. I feel more secure knowing the huge user base with Medtronic.

It’s so nice not to have to do all the calculations and to be able to have such precise doses, to add another few units if I decide that I really want the dessert, rather than allowing for it ahead of time only to realize I don’t want it after all but be stuck with the extra insulin if I don’t have it. And I haven’t even gotten to the more advanced stuff–like a square wave bolus that works with grazing and leisurely meals.

Go for it…I can’t imagine not loving it.

I've been at it for 3 years and have a really low "batting average" with the square wave/ dual wave options. I always do better to do multiple boluses for multiple chunks of food.

You are going to love this pump. As an Animas user, I think you made a good choice. These pumps are easy to use and once your training is complete, they will follow up with you to be sure that your settings are correct and that you know how to change those settings to fit your lifestyle.

Please keep up posted on your training date and hook-up. It was nearly three weeks between the arrival of my pump and the day I was trained to use it. They put me on insulin right away, and I have never looked back, nor has a setting ever needed to be changed. Pretty good, I must say. the Animas CDE hit my needs in the middle, and it has worked flawlessly. The only thing that I had to become accustomed to was not having to give myself those shots!

Be well.

Brian Wittman

11 years of solid pumping, no days off, I'm back at a Minimed.
I go for training on my new blue baby tomorrow morning.
Have most of it figured out and set up already.
I too need to work on those dual and square waves, even after 11 years never did totally make use of it.
Congrats to the new pumpers.

I decided to go with the Green Pump. I'm not sure why but it just felt right...could be beacuse both my car and winter coat are green? Also my boyfriend has decided that we need to name it so I won't be so scared of it. No name yet, but maybe something will just come to me when I open the package?! I have been tracking the UPS Truck all day from work!

Are you using a CGM? If not, I wonder whether that might help. On the other hand, multiple boluses are no big deal anymore.

Awe that's cool naming your pump. LOL I know what you mean about tracking that UPS Truck, UPS deliveries are usually among the last stops of the day in my neighborhood. I think I had my nose glued to the window all day.